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Artisan pizzeria plans to serve Neapolitan pies

November 24, 201405:57 PM
Neapolitan pizza is different than most Midwest cracker-crusts. ...more»
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Students pitch ideas in Gateway’s ‘Shark Tank’

November 24, 201406:16 PM
ELKHORN — From car battery savers to graphic design shortcuts, there was no shortage of ideas in Gateway Technical College’s recent shark tank....more»
Geneva Lake West

Patriotic rally comes to close

November 24, 201406:14 PM
ELKHORN — There’s a heavy silence after hearing the name of each fallen comrade....more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Chairman: Fun Fest may return

November 24, 201405:08 PM
GENEVA — Room taxes, short-term rentals, resurrecting an annual town event — just a few of the topics that came up in Geneva Town Chairman Joe Kopecky’s Nov. 19 email about the proposed ...more»

Done Diehl

Williams Bay’s head football coach resigns following record season
November 24, 201406:11 PM
Come next August, Williams Bay’s freshmen won’t be the only ones adapting to the changes that come along with high school football. After manning the helm for three years, Bulldogs head coach ...more»
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What’s the development outlook for downtown

November 24, 201405:06 PM
The sale of Scuttlebutts hasn’t been the only recent ownership change in downtown Lake Geneva. ...more»

Owner confirms city fee pushed her to close

November 24, 201405:55 PM
The carriage lady, who ran the horse-drawn business in downtown Lake Geneva for 11 years, said the ...more»

Officials still puzzled by referendum defeat

November 24, 201405:12 PM
OK, the election is over. But that didn’t stop some Monday morning (or Wednesday evening) quarterbacking ...more»

Traver ownership still contested

November 18, 201403:04 PM
The former Traver Hotel building, 323 Broad St., is still without an owner of record. Attorneys representing ...more»

Council approves budget, tax rate remains the same

November 18, 201403:05 PM
The Lake Geneva City Council approved a $7.5 million general fund budget and a $6.3 million property ...more»

Former city worker pleads not guilty

November 18, 201412:10 PM
ELKHORN — Two former Lake Geneva Street Department employees made brief appearances in Walworth ...more»

Hartshorne legacy makes way through probate

November 11, 201403:14 PM
ELKHORN — Harry Hartshorne Jr., died in October 2013, leaving a $15.8 million legacy to be ...more»

Dog park tops city’s to do list

November 11, 201403:09 PM
It’s time to pull the trigger on a dog park, according to the Lake Geneva Board of Park Commissioners....more»

Future of TIF, parking uncertain

November 11, 201403:05 PM
It’s still too early to tell what the city council might do to solve the parking shortage, now ...more»

Fire department buys virus-resistant suits

November 04, 201411:32 AM
When it comes to disease control, the Lake Geneva Fire Department plans to be covered....more»
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