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No money spent, no hard discussion yet

February 17, 201511:37 AM
BLOOMFIELD — Even if remodeling the town/village hall progresses beyond the idea stage, there is plenty of time to discuss it, said Village President Ken Monroe. ...more»
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Stinebrinks’ grocery still strong at 40

February 24, 201505:19 PM
The corner grocery store, with its narrow list of items and narrower aisles is long gone. But anyone who says mom-and-pop grocery stores are gone is simply wrong....more»
County Report

County develops plan for park

February 03, 201501:12 PM
ELKHORN — The farmland on the White River Park could gradually transition back to its natural prairie state. ...more»
Geneva Lake West

Big Foot Recreation challenges sled racers

February 24, 201504:05 PM
SHARON — Though Saturday’s temperatures hit a high of 28, nearly 30 degrees above last week’s frigid weather, only three kids came to Ray-Mar Park in Sharon for the recyclable sled ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Firefighters build ramp for former chief

February 03, 201512:32 PM
LINN — His walker within reach, Jim Bartos sat at his dining room table, gratitude dewing in his eyes as he looked up at the town fire and EMS department members who filled his room. ...more»
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Commission finds a catch-all for fitness center

February 24, 201503:17 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Personal service establishment. ...more»

Area schools using Legos in classrooms

February 17, 201501:12 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Star Center fifth-grader Rheane Gudani wants to be a brain surgeon when she grows ...more»
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No primary: Bloomfield doesn't need February election

February 10, 201511:48 AM
BLOOMFIELD — The village board made an effort to bypass primary elections last week. ...more»

Village partners with county for grant

February 10, 201511:47 AM
BLOOMFIELD — Village President Ken Monroe said it could be costly, but he’s hoping there’s ...more»

Balog hopes to bury hatchet

February 03, 201512:32 PM
GENOA CITY — Police Chief Joe Balog wants to end the war of words with Kenosha County Sheriff ...more»

Underage drinking offense most cited at music festival

February 03, 201512:30 PM
It might change this summer, but for at least the last few years, two law enforcement agencies have ...more»

A look at Brookwood’s new robotics class

January 27, 201511:37 AM
GENOA CITY — Brookwood Middle School students built their own robots to tear down a city. Well, ...more»

Expect a tax increase in Bloomfield next year

January 20, 201512:04 PM
BLOOMFIELD — If Jim Rockenbach were still alive, he might say, “I told you so.” ...more»

Back in the race

January 13, 201504:30 PM
GENOA CITY — Village Trustee Roger Cagann thought he would not run for re-election April 7. ...more»
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Monroe faces challenger

January 13, 201504:30 PM
BLOOMFIELD — Voters will have a choice April 7 when deciding who will be the next village president. ...more»
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