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Fontana bridge open to traffic

May 25, 201608:26 AM
FONTANA — No more detours. The bridge is finally open. After nearly seven months, the South Lake Shore Bridge was reopened Friday, May 20. ...more»
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Committee leaves a trail of beauty in its path

May 03, 201602:45 PM
It started with a donation of 6,000 tulip bulbs. What to do with all those flowers? The Committee for the Beautification of Lake Geneva was born from the need to meet those tulip logistics, said Grace ...more»
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Walworth County honors historian Reinke

May 17, 201612:27 PM
ELKHORN — Doris Reinke, a long-time member of the Walworth County Historical Society, and herself a part of Walworth County history, was honored by the Walworth County Board on May 10 in a special ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

‘Lion King’ big musical for Woods School

May 10, 201601:10 PM
GENEVA — If the testimony of two leads in Woods School’s “The Lion King Jr.” is any indication, it’s going to be a show people remember. “So far, this is one of ...more»

Badger football shuts out Kenosha Bradford

August 30, 201603:32 PM
Following the Badger football team’s 48-32 victory over Kenosha Tremper, head coach Matt Hensler said that Friday’s matchup with Kenosha Bradford would be a true test for how the Badgers ...more»
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Williams Bay basketball team reunites

August 30, 201612:20 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — The Williams Bay conference championship basketball team of the 1958-1959 season ...more»

With no football, Bay adjusts homecoming plans

August 30, 201612:16 PM
Williams Bay High School may not have a homecoming football game, but that doesn’t mean the rest ...more»

Star Parties to return to Yerkes in September

August 30, 201612:12 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — Rather than staring at a wall as some wallflowers do at parties, the upcoming ...more»

Abbey ambassador retires after 53 years

August 30, 201612:10 PM
FONTANA – Beverlee Conrad was there the day the Abbey Resort doors opened in 1963. And she ...more»

New road possible for Williams Bay school

August 30, 201612:06 PM
The Williams Bay School District is looking to potentially build a parking lot and a more accessible ...more»

New meat shop coming to Walworth village square

August 23, 201612:41 PM
WALWORTH ­— Johnstown Food Center is breaking ground in Walworth’s town square for their ...more»

Newcomer’s view of the Scow races

August 23, 201612:37 PM
FONTANA ­— Even though I’ve lived close to bodies of water my entire life, I’m ...more»

Locals fare well at ILYA Championship Regatta

August 23, 201612:23 PM
FONTANA ­— Geneva Lake bristled with excitement last week as it played host to the 2016 Inland ...more»
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Scholarship awarded to criminal justice student

August 23, 201612:19 PM
WALWORTH — A scholarship was awarded to Maureen Hammett of Linn Township by a law enforcement ...more»

Phone scam targets lake area’s elderly

August 23, 201612:00 PM
Imagine getting a call saying your loved one was injured or in trouble. Now imagine if they told you ...more»
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