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Fontana bridge open to traffic

May 25, 201608:26 AM
FONTANA — No more detours. The bridge is finally open. After nearly seven months, the South Lake Shore Bridge was reopened Friday, May 20. ...more»
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Committee leaves a trail of beauty in its path

May 03, 201602:45 PM
It started with a donation of 6,000 tulip bulbs. What to do with all those flowers? The Committee for the Beautification of Lake Geneva was born from the need to meet those tulip logistics, said Grace ...more»
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Walworth County honors historian Reinke

May 17, 201612:27 PM
ELKHORN — Doris Reinke, a long-time member of the Walworth County Historical Society, and herself a part of Walworth County history, was honored by the Walworth County Board on May 10 in a special ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

‘Lion King’ big musical for Woods School

May 10, 201601:10 PM
GENEVA — If the testimony of two leads in Woods School’s “The Lion King Jr.” is any indication, it’s going to be a show people remember. “So far, this is one of ...more»

Badgers survive Panthers in double-overtime thriller

September 27, 201605:00 PM
It was all over but the crying. But for the ballyhooing of the visitors section, the bleachers bristed with strained silence as the Badger football team’s defense lined up on their own 1-yard line ...more»
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Antique and Classic Boat Show: where the classic wood floats in style

September 27, 201603:46 PM
FONTANA — Classic boats boasting classic wooden lines from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s ...more»

Walworth bowling alley undergoes transformation

September 27, 201602:43 PM
WALWORTH — The new bowling alley is officially open, offering customers more than just the chance ...more»

Walworth Joint District No. 1 to change use of federal funding

September 27, 201602:41 PM
WALWORTH – Walworth Joint District No. 1 is considering switching their federal grant program ...more»

Williams Bay brings Park and Memorial board back

September 27, 201602:39 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — After multiple years of being out of commission, Williams Bay will soon be bringing ...more»

Boo in the Bay attracts wide audience

September 27, 201602:31 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — This year the Boo in the Bay will be almost identical to how its been done in ...more»

Pedestrian survey measures safety near elementary school

September 27, 201602:17 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — The results of a pedestrian survey near the new elementary school in Williams ...more»

Santa Cause to support local charities over the holidays

September 20, 201602:43 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — Winter is coming for Williams Bay, but with the help of the newly formed Santa ...more»
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Group adds medallions to Bay memorial

September 20, 201602:39 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — Sometimes the simple way is the best way. This was the case for the Williams ...more»

Antique boat show returns to Abbey Resort on Saturday

September 20, 201602:38 PM
FONTANA – Vintage watercrafts, live music, local vendors and a grand finale parade are all ...more»

Bench encourages kindness, friendship in school

September 20, 201602:25 PM
WILLIAMS BAY – The new school addition at Williams Bay also came with a new way to encourage ...more»
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