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Big Foot Recreation challenges sled racers

February 24, 201504:05 PM
SHARON — Though Saturday’s temperatures hit a high of 28, nearly 30 degrees above last week’s frigid weather, only three kids came to Ray-Mar Park in Sharon for the recyclable sled ...more»
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Stinebrinks’ grocery still strong at 40

February 24, 201505:19 PM
The corner grocery store, with its narrow list of items and narrower aisles is long gone. But anyone who says mom-and-pop grocery stores are gone is simply wrong....more»
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County develops plan for park

February 03, 201501:12 PM
ELKHORN — The farmland on the White River Park could gradually transition back to its natural prairie state. ...more»
Geneva, Linn Township

Firefighters build ramp for former chief

February 03, 201512:32 PM
LINN — His walker within reach, Jim Bartos sat at his dining room table, gratitude dewing in his eyes as he looked up at the town fire and EMS department members who filled his room. ...more»

Swimmers stand pat at state meet

Badgers send four to tourney
February 24, 201505:18 PM
MADISON – Reaching the “pinnacle of meets” was undoubtedly a plus for Badger swim coach Glenn Biller as he guided his team to a berth at the state meet on Saturday, Feb. 21....more»
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Bird watcher shares passion at library

February 24, 201512:52 PM
FONTANA — Wayne Rhode showed hundreds of photos of song birds and waterfowl that live around ...more»

Two districts want out of conference

February 24, 201504:07 PM
WALWORTH — Because of enrollment disparity between schools in the Rock Valley Conference, Big ...more»
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Panic buttons installed

February 24, 201504:06 PM
WALWORTH — Earlier this year, the Walworth Fire Department and Rescue Squad donated 11 emergency ...more»

Berg leaving rec department

February 24, 201504:04 PM
WALWORTH — After two and a half years in the Big Foot Recreation Department, Kate Berg is leaving ...more»
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Administrator talks about bomb threat response

February 24, 201512:05 PM
WALWORTH — Big Foot District Administrator Dorothy Kaufmann said the district responded “as ...more»

Christian arts group plans Belfry’s resurrection

February 24, 201511:46 AM
TOWN OF DELAVAN — The Belfry Theatre, Highway 67 and Bailey Road, hasn’t seen this much ...more»
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Bay trustees to review their pay

February 17, 201504:53 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — Williams Bay trustees want to review the level of compensation village elected ...more»

Two candidates left for district administrator

February 17, 201504:52 PM
WALWORTH — The Walworth Elementary School Board held a late meeting Monday night, wrapping ...more»
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Committee talks about sex offender ordinance

February 17, 201504:51 PM
FONTANA — After briefly discussing creating a sex offender setback ordinance, the Fontana Protection ...more»
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Village pays town for lost taxes on Big Foot Pines

February 10, 201505:27 PM
WALWORTH — The village of Walworth will pay the town of Walworth five years worth of property ...more»
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