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Driehaus offers $30,000 for matching grant

July 19, 2012
We are very happy to announce that The Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust is providing The Time Is Now to Help with a $30,000 Matching Grant opportunity. This is the ninth year Richard Driehaus and his family have so generously provided this wonderful opportunity for our donors and recipients of assistance. Richard's donations over the past nine years, matched by your donations, have provided desperately needed assistance to our poverty stricken families, senior citizens, disabled, and children.

The Time is Now to Help

A deserving family in need

January 20, 2011
Dear W.C., I know a family that is having a very hard time. I know they are late on their rent. They have two young children. The father lost his job last summer. The mother was hit by a hit-and-run driver and was left handicapped. They do not receive enough assistance from disability and unemployment. Due to all the medical bills and threats from the bill collectors they have been left broke. I have known this family for many years and know they are good people. They have always lived frugally and have a devout belief in God. They do not have gas for their car. I have offered to drive them on several occasions but they have declined. I think they are too embarrassed to accept any help. They have even declined my requests to visit due to their embarrassment of not being able to afford heat. I do not know how they are feeding everyone and keeping a roof over their heads. Please help this deserving family.

Recent Community Living
Life turned upside down
July 12, 2012
Dear W.C., My family has been through a lot in the past year. First my husband lost his job a year ago, then I lost mine six months ago.
Seeing is believing
July 05, 2012
This week I thought I would share with you a few pages of a journal kept by one of my long time volunteers. They shared it with me recently and I was moved to see how “our” The Time Is Now to Help affected them. You always get only my view of our assistance and only a few have accompanied me on these very private visits.
Operations leave financial scars
June 28, 2012
Dear W.C.,I am writing to see if you can help my family. Two years ago my husband got very ill. He has had three operations. After the second operation he caught a staph infection at the hospital and almost died.
Obligation to disabled cousin
June 21, 2012
Dear W.C.,I have a cousin who is disabled and struggling to get by. She lives on her own after many years of being dependent on her parents.
Nine years of RN letters
June 14, 2012
This column marks our ninth year of sharing our charitable works through our newspaper column The Time Is Now to Help. We have shared with you 469 letters of assistance, showing how we changed the tears of pain and fear into tears of joy and gratitude. We have shared the private and sometimes brutally honest lives of our fellow Americans struggling to survive.
Boy’s disorder, injury too much
June 07, 2012
Dear W.C.,The last few years have been extremely difficult. First my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. He is 12-years-old years old and has been having symptoms for two years that no one could diagnose. We finally got the right diagnosis after being in and out of the hospital many times. We just adapted to the changes in our life from his disorder, then I got injured. I was helping my elderly mother with repairs around her house and injured my back when I fell off a ladder.
Where did CNN donations go?
May 31, 2012
We have had many people ask if the CNN Heroes donation was received and if so how it was spent to help our fellow creations. We decided to answer that question for you with this week’s column. Thank you again to Turner Broadcasting and the CNN Heroes program for their generous donation and recognition to all of us and The Time Is Now to Help. It has been nearly a year since we first received the phone call that CNN was interested in coming to Wisconsin to interview Sal. They made The Time Is Now to Help, and our philosophy of caring and sharing for our fellow Americans known to people throughout the world. CNN’s recognition, investigation, and verification that our charity actually did help thousands of people over the years was a huge inspiration to network others to get involved. Together we ease the pains of the poverty stricken.THIS IS HOW WE HELPED:RENT = $19,025
Can’t turn back the clock
May 24, 2012
Dear W.C.,I am writing to ask for help for my three children and myself. At the present time we are living in a motel, but will soon be living out of my car if I can’t pay the rent on our motel room. The problems started a year ago when I came to live in the area from out of state to help care for my dying sister. Her husband pleaded with me to come care for her part time with the promise that I could live in their home with my children. I gave up my job and apartment to move here.
Golden Years a nightmare
May 17, 2012
Dear W.C.,My husband and I should be retired, but will never be able to afford to. We need to work in order to pay our bills and health care. A few months ago my 73-year old husband had a stroke and will be in need of several more months of medical care and rehabilitation. He was working part-time and looking for a full-time job when this happened. I work part-time and wish I could do more, but I have a heart condition that prevents me from working long hours, and who would care for my husband while I am at work? We are really in a bad position financially as we have used our small savings to pay for my husband’s medical bills. We owe on our utilities and are in fear of disconnection. Scared Seniors
Where the donations came from and went
May 10, 2012
From time to time Time is Now reports on where the donations went and some of the major grants its received. Here is the most recent report:The Montei Foundation $20,000 Matching Grant = $40,000 in Poverty Assistance“Thank You” to everyone that participated in The Montei Foundation $20,000 Matching Grant. We are very grateful to The Montei Foundation and our wonderful supporters for providing $40,000 in poverty assistance. These funds were put to use immediately to alleviate the pain and suffering of the many working poor, children, senior citizens, and handicapped turning to us for assistance. The following shows how every penny of the matching grant was spent to provide shelter assistance/rent, utility assistance, auto repairs, gas, food, toiletries, household necessities, and beds. Thank you for caring and sharing for your fellow Americans.
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