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New reporter takes long way to Regional News

July 26, 2012
I once yelled at my boyfriend when he told me that not everyone finds their dream job. I told him not to break my heart. I took the long way to this job, to achieve this dream: through five years (and counting) in the Army Reserve, five years in college, eight months in technical writing and eight months cashiering. But I made it. I woke up July 9 living my dream, honestly content with my life yet so ready to continue growing.
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Some of us have been waiting a lifetime for this

January 20, 2011
Although I enjoy almost all sports, I don't typically use this column to talk about those things. An editorial should be about important national topics such as our more than $14 trillion national debt, increasing health care costs and the use of politics by some to make excuses or try to explain why an insane man shot people at an Arizona grocery store. An editorial typically should be an opinion about a local issue such as the rescue and fire services disagreement between Geneva Township and the Lake Geneva Fire Department or whether the Walworth County District Attorney's Office should have filed charges against Lake Geneva city staff for mismanagement.

Recent Editorial
On the record, off the record or just talking?
July 19, 2012
Last Saturday, the mayor and I talked after a neighborhood meeting.A few days before, Speedo Condos and I shared a few words outside his restaurant.And on Friday, I had an e-mail exchange with a critic of a recent story.
Extreme heat a serious threat to athletes
July 12, 2012
It was ridiculously hot out last week. Even baseball games were cancelled, and that doesn’t happen very often.With temperatures hovering around and even surpassing 100 degrees numerous times last week, several parents requested and were granted the cancellation of Thursday’s senior legion tilt between Genoa City and Westosha, originally scheduled for 7 p.m. at Krisik Park in Genoa City.Genoa City assistant coach Curt Andresen agreed with the cancellation, and he said last weekend’s senior legion tournament in Mundelein, Ill., was pushed back from a Friday through Sunday schedule to only Saturday and Sunday because of the heat wave.
RN tuning in future with online TV station
June 28, 2012
When I was growing up we only had three TV channels to watch.Now we have hundreds and sometimes there doesn’t seem like there’s anything to watch.There’s certainly no station for local events ­or is there?
Why there’s no editorial ‘we’ at the RN
June 21, 2012
A friend recently wrote me an e-mail with suggestions for the newspaper. No. 4 was: “Change voice of editorials so they speak for the newspaper as an institution and not just one person. An individual voice should be in a column.”No. 4 pushed one of my buttons, and also provided me fodder for this “column.”
A bittersweet passing, summer’s arrival
June 14, 2012
I e-mailed my girlfriend: It was a bitter-sweet day. Ray Bradbury, the writer, died.Why bittersweet? she asked.Well, bitter because he died. Sweet because it brought back memories of summer.
Has O’Neill hindered or helped his cause?
June 07, 2012
Can you do more by being part of the process or are you better off working from the outside?That must be something former city councilman Terry O’Neill contemplated before his sudden resignation recently.He left behind a letter in which he expressed frustration with both the city staff and the process of government.
Four X-factors for the downtown this summer
May 31, 2012
Lake Geneva is a resort community.And the summer is the make or break time for many downtown merchants.They’d like it if downtown was as well known for its shopping as it is for being next to Geneva Lake. That hasn’t happened yet, but since I’ve moved here there’s been movement in that direction, especially when it comes to dining. There are better restaurants downtown and the decision to allow outdoor dining is off to a fantastic start.
They all remember Walter, the smiling meter man
May 24, 2012
I just walked in the office Wednesday morning. The papers were so hot off the press I hadn’t even seen one.But Dorothy McLernon had. She was thrilled when she saw her father-in-law, Walter McLernon, as the jolly meter person in last week’s historical feature.We expected someone would know his identity but not so quickly. Dorothy said Walter, who has since passed away, had been a policeman for Lake Geneva until he retired at the then-mandatory retirement age of 55. But Walter felt he was “too young to retire” and he loved to walk. So the city offered him a job as a meter man, following Corby Geise, who we are told was the city’s first meter man. That was in 1961.
Railroad aficionado fighting lonely battle
May 17, 2012
Ed Yaeger was walking slowly. He had just left yet another meeting of the Lake Geneva Park Commission and was making his way down the city hall steps.At the meeting recently, members had sung “Happy Birthday” to Yaeger, who had turned 85 that day. They gave him cupcakes and a birthday card signed by some of the city hall staff.
Every picture tells a Mother’s Day story
May 10, 2012
We all have snapshots of our mothers.Snippets of memories.Most of mine come from a time when she was aging — perhaps the first time I really paid attention.
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