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10 years of sharing, 25 years of helping

June 13, 2013
This week is our 10 year anniversary of sharing the charitable works of The Time Is Now to Help. Together we have changed the lives of many. Hunger, homelessness, living without utilities, toiletries and household necessities, lack of transportation and many other pains of poverty have been removed. The children we assisted 10 years ago are now hopefully grown and healthy thanks to our caring and sharing. Some of the senior citizens we assisted are no longer here with us, but their last years were spent knowing someone cared enough about them to make sure they had food to eat, a place to call home and people in their life that cared. Together, we assisted in removing pains of poverty through our faith, our driven conscious to do good, a pride to do what is morally right, following a path led by God, our love for our fellow creations. Our purpose continues to stand strong; we will not sit back and ignore our fellow creations suffering in poverty. The emotional pain of witnessing firsthand the pains of poverty takes a toll on our existence. The only way to ease the pains of witnessing poverty's injustices is to bring compassionate relief as fast as we encounter the affliction of poverty. My dear friends in God, these last years have been much more rewarding and less painful knowing you were there beside us, knowing together we accomplish so much more. In 10 years time we have provided assistance to over 5,000 of our fellow Americans in desperate need. When you realize this is all due to one man's dream 25 years ago to found a charity that did not spend its donations on overhead and salaries, it is an amazing journey. My longing to provide assistance when and where it was needed most, to the most overlooked fellow creations, the homeless, the struggling women and children, the senior citizens living cold and hungry, the handicapped without access to basic necessities, the tears my own dear mother shed while she was enduring the pains of poverty, were the motivation to found The Time Is Now to Help. As more and more of you heard the stories of those we helped, through the newspapers, People magazine, Readers Digest, the Associated Press, the Hallmark Channel and many other news outlets, the more you wanted to help. We realized the news media was the way to spread the word of real poverty in our own home towns throughout our great country. This was poverty you could see, feel and grasp, not in other countries but right in the homes you drive past each day on your way to work. Children you see in schools or the elderly invisible to us suffering behind closed doors. That was the beginnings of our column called The Time Is Now to Help. Since then our story has spread to WGN, CNN, CBS and Fox news. How it spread from there continues to amaze all of us here every day. The truth is you want to know the facts, what is happening and who is hurting. You want to know how we help. You want to be part of removing the suffering of poverty and providing relief. Removing the terrible feeling of true hunger, providing utilities for those living without light, heat, water ... Our communities have much less homelessness due to all of us preventing the fear and shame of living without shelter. Together, we have lifted the lives of many by providing what we all treasure, a place to call home. Whenever we conclude a matching grant we provide a complete breakdown in how every penny of every donation was spent to provide poverty assistance. Together, we helped over 5,000 in desperate need who would have gone without. Together, we provided rent, utilities, food, auto assistance, household necessities and toiletries. We also provided assistance with wheelchairs, home repairs, clothing, beds, school supplies, medical assistance, dental care, veterinary care, furniture, special education needs, emergency shelter and much, much more. Together, we have opened food pantries. We helped other organizations that provide true assistance to the poverty stricken. Does it make a difference to you or I that all these people were helped? Absolutely. We are in a war against poverty, the evil that inflicts mental and physical pain, causing great suffering to our fellow creations. I can still hear the crying and sobbing of those suffering as I pray for God to show us the way to help over and over again. I also feel the relief we, all of us together, have provided over the years. Sometimes the pain is not as obvious as the elderly woman that fell in front of me.
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An appeal on behalf of Lake Geneva history

June 13, 2013

Times change. And so do the keepers of Lake Geneva’s unique history. In the 19th Century, the keeper of Lake Geneva’s history was James Simmons, but he passed away as the century was ending.
We are fortunate that his superb, unsurpassed history of Lake Geneva in the 19th Century, “Annals of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1835-1897”, survived and was reissued in a new format by the Geneva Lake Museum last year. Simmons’ successors as keepers of Lake Geneva’s history,
Eva Seymour Lundahl and Alice Denison Hackett, are also gone. Eva Seymour Lundahl was the granddaughter of Moses Seymour, who came to Geneva from Vermont with James Simmons in 1843. Alice Denison Hackett was the daughter of E. D Denison, for whom the Central-Denison School is named, and was the granddaughter of John Burton, one of Lake Geneva’s most well-known 19th-Century businessmen.
Recently Lake Geneva has lost several more keepers of its history, including Gretchen Allen, Wilma Habacker Bailey Jacobson, Sam Gonzalez, Ken Schneider, Larry Magee, and John Fedorovich. It also lost the owner of the Breadloaf Bookstore, Kevin Vail, who was very interested in Lake Geneva’s history.
With the passing of these and other individuals, Lake Geneva’s collective historical memory has been greatly diminished. Fortunately we still have Ken Etten, Ginny Hall, John Halverson, Bruce Johnson, Vern Magee, Burly Brellenthin, and Doug Elliot, among others, as well as the many volunteers, who, under the leadership of Karen Walsh and James Gee, sustain the Geneva Lake Museum.
But as times change and the keepers of Lake Geneva’s history pass away, we who remain, as well as future generations of Lake Geneva residents, will necessarily have to rely even more on the published and unpublished historical documentary records of Lake Geneva’s history held by the Lake Geneva Public Library, the Geneva Lake Museum, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and the Area Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Library.
Among the most useful documentary historical sources held by the Lake Geneva Public Library are the microfilmed copies of Lake Geneva’s newspapers and the yearbooks of the Lake Geneva High School and Badger High School. But sadly, many LGHS and BHS yearbooks are missing from the collections of Lake Geneva Public Library and the Geneva Lake Museum.
I am therefore appealing to readers of the Lake Geneva Regional News to rectify this lamentable situation by donating old LGHS and BHS yearbooks in their possession to the Lake Geneva Public Library and the Geneva Lake Museum in order to fill the gaps in their invaluable collections of Lake Geneva High School and Badger High School yearbooks.
Another excellent source for Lake Geneva’s history would be the compilation of oral histories of Lake Geneva based upon the memories of longtime Lake Geneva residents. Perhaps Bruce Johnson could be persuaded to conduct oral history interviews with such longtime Lake Genevans as Burly Brellenthin, Sturg Taggert, Muriel Malsch, Buzz Braden,Vern Magee, Doug Gerber, and Clyde Boutelle, just to mention a few people with superb memories of Lake Geneva’s history.
Copies of these oral histories could be deposited at the Lake Geneva Public Library and the Geneva Lake Museum, where future residents of the city would find them to be invaluable historical resources.
But filling the gaps in Lake Geneva High school and Badger High School yearbooks held by the Lake Geneva Public Library and the Geneva Lake Museum is the most urgent priority if we wish to preserve Lake Geneva’s history for future generations. The Lake Geneva Public Library is missing Badger High School yearbooks for the years 1970, 1976, 1977, 1982, 1984, 2011, and 2012.
The situation with Lake Geneva High School yearbooks is even more egregious. Rather than listing all of the missing LGHS yearbooks, suffice it to say that the Lake Geneva Public Library would greatly appreciate the donation of any LGHS yearbooks between 1958 and the date that the first LGHS yearbook was published, which was around 1911. The LGPL will offer any duplicate yearbooks it receives to the Geneva Lake Museum.
I really do hope that the readers of the Lake Geneva Regional News will respond to this appeal and donate LGHS and BHS yearbooks to the Lake Geneva Public Library. I issue this appeal not only on behalf of the Lake Geneva Public Library (and the Geneva Lake Museum), but on behalf of Lake Geneva’s history and the records that document it.

Patrick Quinn is a Lake Geneva native who is University Archivist Emeritus at Northwestern University.

Recent Community Living
Where your money went
Time Is Now breaks it down
June 06, 2013
The Second Summertime Foundation $10,000 matching Grant = $20,000 in poverty assistanceWe were so surprised and honored when The Summertime Foundation offered us a second $10,000 matching grant in 2013. Our wonderful donors responded with their generosity, matching the second grant as well. This matching grant enabled us to provide $20,000 in assistance to our struggling fellow Americans. Your donations, combined with The Summertime Foundations matching funds, prevented many poverty stricken from experiencing homelessness, loss of transportation, lack of utilities, hunger, and other daily necessities for our fellow creations. Thank you for your continued support of our mission The Time Is Now to Help and thank you for caring and sharing. Together we have eased the pains of poverty for many in desperate need. God bless you for helping.
Son's medical problems put mother in dire straits
May 30, 2013
Dear W.C.,This is a very difficult letter to write, I am so embarrassed to ask for help. My son has been struggling with kidney disease since he was a child. Over the years they prescribed many medications for him. Now 20 years later he struggles from the many side effects. He has developed diabetes, seizures, hypertension and many bone problems. He can no longer walk and must use a wheelchair.
Father's plight becomes family tragedy
May 23, 2013
Dear W.C.,My husband suffered from an aneurysm over a year ago.He is lucky to be alive. It will be a long road of recovery for him. We have a 12-year-old son that has been through a lot in this past year. He is trying to come to terms with his father being in a wheelchair and unable to care for himself most of the time.
Battered daughter needs help
May 16, 2013
Dear W.C.,My daughter is in desperate need of your help.Her husband was just sentenced to 10 years in prison for beating a man nearly to death at a bar. His going to prison was the best thing that could have happened to my daughter.
Woman suffering from PTSD
May 09, 2013
This past weekend I was most honored to be asked to be the commencement speaker at George Williams College of Aurora University. I was humbled and a little nervous thinking I was the one to be sending off all these graduates after many years of hard work in their educations. Once I realized these students all were going to be serving our fellow creations in some capacity my presentation came to me naturally. I did not prepare any written words to read from, I just spoke from my heart to express my true thoughts on helping others. The honorary degree in Doctor of Humane Letters was over and beyond any of my expectations. I still cannot realize this honor. I thank everyone for making me feel right at home on the beautiful George Williams campus and for sharing its wonderful history of service to others.
Gave her all 'I have left'
May 02, 2013
Dear W.C.,There is a woman who was evicted from our apartment building about two months ago. I know she is in need of your help.She is older and does not have any children living to help her. I gave her $40, all I had left to my name, so she could try to get a motel room. I am living in a one bedroom and have my own son living on my couch or I would have gladly given her the couch for now.I was afraid I would be evicted if my landlord saw her living with me, too. She fit what belongings she could in her car. I am holding on to a few boxes of personal items for her. She is a good woman that has had a very hard life. Both her husband and two sons died years ago. I think I am her only friend. Please call her while she has a few minutes left on her phone.Worried neighbor and friend
Sister didn't have same chance
April 25, 2013
Dear W.C.,My sister and I grew up in an abusive family.Both my mother and father drank heavily. When they were drinking we would do our best to not be seen or heard. If we were then we would most likely get a slap, punch, kick and constant verbal abuse.
Husband leaves wife and their children
April 18, 2013
As you read our column of hope and compassion please remember the second 2013 Summertime Foundation $10,000 Matching Grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched by another, doubling your assistance to those in desperate need. Please help, please care and share. We have many desperate requests for help and our funds are low. Dear W.C.,
Charity for needy is in need
April 11, 2013
This past week The Time is Now to Help has had an overwhelming request for assistance. Actually we always seem to have an overwhelming amount of requests for assistance, but this is the first time in many months we were not able to answer the requests due to lack of finances. For the last few years we have been able to maintain a consistent flow of donations to cover as many requests as Time is Now volunteers had the time to get to in a week. Last year, thanks to the CNN Heroes event, CBS News special coverage, Fox News and all your support, we were able to provide assistance to more than 1,000 people.
New sympathy for those struggling
April 04, 2013
Dear W.C.,I often wondered how people could become homeless or dependent on social services. Now I know firsthand how easily it can happen.The apartment I was living in caught fire. I lost all my belongings and did not have renters insurance.
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