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Voters back new village


November 09, 2011 | 07:57 AM
BLOOMFIELD — There is one more procedural step to take, but it appears as though the 12-square-mile area northeast of Highway H soon will be the new village of Bloomfield.

On Tuesday, voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favor of creating the village. The vote was 547-146.

Bloomfield Town Clerk Martie Wells sounded thrilled to report the results and happily stated, "We are the village of Bloomfield."

Incorporation Committee Chairman Doug Mushel said now that the referendum has been approved, the new village paperwork must be sent to Madison for certification, which will include a legal description of the area and a map.

"But yes, I think we are a village," he said Tuesday night.

The incorporation means the new village will be less dependant on county governmental services and will be able to protect its borders from future annexation attempts from Genoa City and Lake Geneva.

"We now have control over our own destiny," Mushel said. "Townships were created to be feeder lands for villages and cities. Now we have the opportunity to give town lands the opportunity to be part of the village by annexation."

Mushel said he was somewhat surprised by the vote spread and said he hoped it was "a true decision of the people."

He also wanted to thank those who worked so hard "getting the word out" about the incorporation and vote.

There will be more work to do once the certification is approved. Mushel said the new village must determine its Village Board structure as well as several other decisions.

This was at least the fourth attempt for incorporating a village centered on Pell Lake. See more about the new village in future editions.

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