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Anonymous letters, elections and the weather

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April 09, 2013 | 03:30 PM
My takes on recent events:

The anonymous letter

When reporter Chris Schultz told me about an anonymous letter, I questioned doing a story about it — not because of the parties involved but because I'm always skeptical of anonymous attacks.

People who have a gripe should have the courage to say who they are.

The letter writer accused Harold Friestad, a founder of the Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy, of cutting down black walnut trees in the conservancy and selling the wood for a profit.

By all accounts, the accusations were false.

Strangely enough, the letter came to light because Friestad — the person being attacked — was bothered enough that he appeared before the Williams Bay village board to dispute the allegations.

Good for Friestad for bringing it to the forefront. Shame on anonymous letter writers with an axe to grind.

Good reputations should never be marred by cowards.

The Fesenmaier vote

The election results in Lake Geneva's District 4 can be interpreted at least in part as a vote against former alderwoman Mary Jo Fesenmaier.

Fesenmaier came in second to Dennis Lyon in what was an election among three write-ins. (Former city councilman Ken Howell placed third.)

While we've had disagreements with Fesenmaier in the past, I think fears about electing her to the council again were exaggerated.

Fesenmaier will always be associated with the divisive council of a few years ago.

While I've preached that any public body needs a contrarian, those days were not healthy for the community. I'm glad that part of our history is over and electing someone other than Fesenmaier may have been a vote for leaving them behind forever.

But all that minimizes the fact that Fesenmaier was also a conscientious and studious member of the council and a ferocious advocate for what she believed.

Whether you agreed with her positions or not — and we often didn't — I appreciate people with convictions and the guts to fight for them.

Marra celebration

When it comes to drama, not much can top John Marra's celebration upon learning he had been re-elected as Williams Bay Village President.

Managing Editor Rob Ireland reported his reaction when Marra learned he had won.

"Marra dropped to one knee and made the sign of the cross," Ireland reported.

No one can say that Marra doesn't like his job or that he's jaded about the electoral process.

What a difference a year makes

Paging through last year's issues of the Regional News, I came upon this photo in the March 29 edition.

"Earliest ever," was the tagline.

Information accompanying the photo said that previous weekend was the earliest the Lake Geneva Cruise Line had ever offered tours.

As I write this, Monday, April 8, we're still waiting for the boats to make their seasonal debut.

Robins have been sighted. The boats can't be far behind.

Halverson is editor and general manager of the Regional News.


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