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Woman points out two people in need of help

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March 05, 2013 | 12:15 PM
Dear W.C.,

I work at an apartment complex. Some of our residents are senior citizens and/or have a disability. I would like to suggest two very worthy residents that I know are in desperate need of your help.

The first is a senior woman that is having a hard time paying for food and toiletries. She is a widow with no other family to help her. I know she has skipped meals in order to pay her rent and utilities. She has had some health problems this year too so this has made things even more difficult for her.

The second person is a middle-aged man with a learning disability. He works part-time at a grocery store for minimum wage. He walks to work every day without boots or a decent coat. He sleeps on an old mattress on the floor with only an old blanket. His mother has Alzheimer's and does not come to check on him any longer. I asked him about his mother one day and he said he thinks his mom forgot who he is. He has no one else to check on him. He would never complain or share with me that he is in need. It is just something I have observed.

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I would love to help these two wonderful people myself, but I am a single mother barely earning enough to care for my own family.

Praying for help

Dear readers,

I called the caring woman that wrote this letter. I asked her many questions and received a lot more information about these two residents. After a lengthy conversation I agreed to come visit these two people in person. The woman was very happy I was willing to make the trip to see who she thought were very worthy candidates for our special care.

I went to the office of the woman who wrote the letter. She was going to accompany me on the visits since the two people were familiar with her and would feel more comfortable. We walked to the first apartment.

The woman knocked at the first door, calling out her name. She explained she always did this so the woman would feel safe when she used her key to enter. She said the senior woman suffered some vision loss due to Macular Degeneration. She also had terrible arthritis.

The woman was sitting in a chair listening to the radio. When she heard who was there her face lit up with a smile. She invited us in and asked her to introduce her guest. She put out her hand to mine. I stepped forward and held her hand. The senior woman said she had heard about me on the news and asked why I was there to visit her.

I told her, "Your good friend here has been worried about your well-being. She asked me to come and check on you." With that she said, "Oh, you didn't have to come visit me. I'm doing fine."

After looking around the small apartment and seeing she was sitting inside with a coat on I could see she was not doing fine. It was cold in the apartment.

The only electricity in use was the radio. I asked the woman if she had suffered any vision loss and she nodded her head yes.

She said, "I should have gone to the eye doctor sooner but I let it go. I did not have the money for a cab or medications."

With that tears were falling down her cheeks. The woman that wrote the letter stepped forward and grasped her hands.

She handed her a tissue and told her, "That is why I brought The Time Is Now to Help here. You should not have to suffer through this alone any longer."

I asked if I may look in the kitchen. The elderly woman hesitated, then said, "OK."

The cabinets and refrigerator was almost empty, as if no one lived there.

My heart sank thinking how was this elderly widow going to survive if we hadn't been invited to help.

We all sat to talk about what help was needed. The elderly woman kept saying how ashamed she was for needing help.

I told her it was nothing to be ashamed about. I told her how people of all ages came to us for assistance. I had brought a few bags of food and toiletries that volunteers had packed up before I left.

After my phone conversation the day before I knew both people would be in need of emergency food.

I asked when was the last time she had ate. She said she had eaten some cereal at breakfast.

Since it was many hours since breakfast I pulled out some of the food and the woman that wrote the letter requesting assistance offered to make up a plate and put the remaining food in the refrigerator.

I stayed until the senior woman had eaten, then we went over her financial needs.

She was up to date on her rent. She was struggling to pay her utility bills and had not been able to buy any food or her medications this past week.

We offered to pay her overdue utility bill and some into the future if she promised to turn up her heat and turn on her lights.

She admitted to being able to see much better when the room was well lit.

I provided her with some funds for transportation to and from the doctors' offices.

I stressed to her how important her continuing care was to preserve what vision she had left.

We paid for two months rent in advance allowing this elderly widow a chance to get ahead.

This brought her to tears of great gratitude. I also told her I would arrange for a few other volunteers who wanted to visit with her. She was thankful and excited to have company.

She could not believe "we" as strangers were helping her. I explained how all of you make all of our good works possible, by your caring and sharing.

This brought her to tears again saying, "Is this really happening?" The elderly widow said, "Please thank everyone for saving me."

So, God bless all of you and thank you for caring and sharing for this elderly widow.

After a few hours we told her we had to go check on another resident. She was very grateful for our assistance that would allow her to live much more comfortably.

We left to go visit the other resident in need of our assistance. This time the woman knocked and waited for the door to be answered.

The door was answered quickly by a man that looked to be in his 40s, but had a childish air about him. He was so happy to see who his visitor was he gave her a hug. When she introduced me he gave me a hug as well.

The woman told him I was a friend there to help him with a few things. We walked around the small two-room apartment. I noticed the old mattress on the floor that was concave in the middle.

There were no sheets or comforter, just an old blanket. I asked him if he had a winter coat and boots for the cold walks to work. He showed me a sweat shirt and an old pair of gym shoes. I asked him if it was cold walking to work.

He admitted he was shivering when he got there and when he got home. Having asked the woman how large of a man he was I had stopped to get a coat, hat and gloves on my way.

He was overjoyed with these gifts and put them on immediately. He cried the entire time he was putting on his new coat, hat and gloves. He showed off his new coat as he smiled with tears flowing.

The scene brought tears of joy to both mine and the woman's eyes. I gave the woman a gift card to buy him boots and bedding as soon as possible.

She said she would be happy to do that. I thanked her for her caring and sharing that brought these people to our attention.

I also arranged for a complete new bed set to be delivered by Verlo Mattress Factory.

I went over the man's bills, his income and set a budget. He was disabled. I saw he was just getting by. We paid one month's rent for him.

He did not have much food.

I provided him with the food I had brought with and he was very grateful to have some food in his apartment.

I made him promise if he had difficulties in the future to let the woman property manager know.

This made him very happy and he promised to do this. He gave both of us a big hug still proudly wearing his new coat.

When we got outside I thanked the woman who had brought these fellow creations to our attention.

She thanked all of us for helping these truly deserving people live more comfortably.

he promised to check on them regularly and keep us updated.

How many more are alone and suffering behind closed doors?

Our help is desperately needed for those suffering in the pains of poverty.

I thank all of you for Caring and Sharing. Together we will continue our good works of compassion for our fellow creations.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


Please help:

Make checks payable to:

The Time Is Now to Help

P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157

The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing how your donation provided assistance for the poverty stricken.

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John Tierney in memory of Barbara Tierney. Chris Ann's Resale Shop: I will continue to ask Chris Ann's Resale shop for furniture and household necessities to help our poverty stricken fellow Americans.

If you have anything you would like to donate, please call (262) 348-9088. They are located at 406 Highway 120 North, Lake Geneva, in the old Floor Store building across from the Shell gas station and Next Door Pub. Look for the American flags.

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Please donate a used car to help our fellow Americans get to work and other daily necessities.

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