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Now the story can finally be told

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March 25, 2014 | 03:21 PM
Dear W.C.,

Would your organization be able to help my daughter?

She is a single mother living in a motel with my 4-year-old grandson. My daughter and grandson were put in the motel by an organization that helps abuse victims, but they can no longer pay for any more assistance.

She has been hiding from her ex-boyfriend for the past eight months. He was abusing her and when she finally got away from him he threatened to kill her. He terrorized her at her job to the point of getting her fired. He tried to take her son from the daycare he was in without her consent. He recently found the motel she was hiding in and slashed all her tires and broke her windshield.

Now she has had to move again and does not have the money to continue staying in a motel or to have her car repaired. It is like a never ending nightmare.

I live out of state and would gladly take her in, but she is afraid he will follow her here and endanger my life. I do have a friend that will take her in near me.

If you could just help her to get her car repaired and, if possible, help her with the money for gas to get her here we would both be so grateful.

Worried mother

Dear readers,

You have accompanied me on many visits to abuse victims. It is often hard to control my anger over the stress and anguish this places on the women and children trapped in abuse situations. Their lives are filled with the fear of being found, damage to property, the terror of their children being used to control them, leaving behind all their belongings, job loss, injury and sometimes even death.

Thank God for our emergency shelter organizations that take these women in and help them to recover and begin again.

This mother and child were living in constant change and poverty. The emergency shelter organization that originally helped them to get away had used all their resources to help her as long as they could.

They were no longer able to offer her their protection as her situation had not improved and she was still being terrorized by her alcoholic ex-boyfriend.

They had been unable to have him caught and arrested for any of his offenses. They were unable to find out how he kept finding the mother and child.

I contacted the writer of the letter so she could get in touch with her daughter on a secret phone number and arrange for my visit.

We were to meet in a park not far from the motel she was still in. I went to meet her at the arranged time and found a woman and child, both thin and with dark circles around their eyes, indicating the months of fear and lack of sleep they had been enduring.

I introduced myself and saw the relief fill her face.

We talked while we kept a close eye on her son playing on the playground equipment. I could see how her fear filled eyes constantly swept the park and passing cars. This woman needed our help to escape this situation and live again.

The mother began by telling me briefly about the abuse she and her son had endured at the hands of the monster she once called her boyfriend.

She said he had become increasingly more and more demanding and controlling. He often grabbed her son, holding him around the neck, telling her how easy it would be to end his life if she so much as thought about leaving him.

The mother shared the terrifying situation at the daycare when he had demanded they give him her son. The daycare had done an excellent job protecting the child from him that day after they threatened to call the police, but she was told by the daycare they could no longer watch her son in order to protect the other children in their care.

The mother said it didn’t matter because on the same day he had shown up at her work threatening to kill her and everyone there. She was let go from her job, she would no longer need day care after that day. The ex-boyfriend was careful to never get caught in any of his angry tirades. He was never caught on a camera. All they could do was put a restraining order on him and give him warnings.

I talked to the mother about going to live with her mother’s friend out of state. She was very excited to have this opportunity because she felt it was her only way out of this situation. But then her face fell as she said, “But I have no way to get my son and I safely there. He will follow my car and it will just begin again.”

I began to form a plan of escape in my mind. I knew we had to just move her now, at this moment, as her tormentor was probably watching her every move.

I called a motel to move her to immediately.

I told her we would provide her with a different car and license plates. We could later pick up her few items at the motel and have them shipped to a location where we could retrieve them safely. This was all done so quickly I could see she was feeling overwhelmed.

I reassured her we would all be there to keep her safe. I called our friend that provided reasonable safe cars and he again provided just what she needed. We had the car registered in her name, provided insurance and new license plates. We had some food and clothing dropped off at the new location after asking her sizes and what else she would need immediately, including tooth brushes, combs, soap, shampoo, etc.

Within two days we had this mother and son on the road safely to their new location, far away from the terror they had sustained at the hands of this violent man. Her old car was towed to our car specialist that sold it at auction for The Time Is Now to Help.

We heard from the mother on the cell phone we had provided her with before she departed. They had arrived safely at their new location after two days of driving. She was profusely crying with gratitude as she was finally free. The mother was also so thankful for the gas cards and cooler of food we had provided for the long trip. We did not want any trail of their departure for the ex-boyfriend to follow.

It has been a few years since this event. The reason we are able to publish it now is that we recently heard from this mother as she wanted to inform us of the recent incarceration of the man that had terrorized her for so long.

She said she had learned he had been incarcerated due to his violence and drugs. She was happy to finally lose that constant fear she always felt. She was also happy to share with all of us how her life was now.

She had a good job and her own apartment. Her son was thriving in his school and home life.

She said, “I am forever grateful to The Time Is Now to Help because I truly feel you saved both of our lives.”

My dear readers and friends, we have many other fellow creations that need our help and compassion. Together we will continue to remove the many pains of poverty including, hunger, loneliness, fear and homelessness. Together we provide hope, compassion, care, shelter, food, ...all the necessities of daily life, through our caring and sharing. Please help us match the Paul Ziegler $15,000 Matching Grant.

Health and happiness,

God bless everyone,


Paul Ziegler $15,000 matching grant

Thanks to Paul Ziegler we will be able to help many during this harsh winter. Paul Ziegler has graciously stepped up to match your donation dollar for dollar, doubling your help to those in desperate need. Please take advantage of this opportunity to double your caring and sharing donation. Together we can make a big difference in the lives of those suffering in poverty.

Please help

There are many coming to us in desperation. Our good fellow creations need our compassion. Together we make a big difference. Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now to Help, P.O. Box 1, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. The Time Is Now to Help is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank-you receipt showing how your donation provided assistance for the poverty stricken.

Thank you

Paul Ziegler, Ziegler Charitable Foundation, Fox Charities, Dick and Jean Honeyager, The Petco Foundation, Lake Geneva Petco, The Rhoades Foundation, Unilock Chicago, Grunow Family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawton, Peter and Anna Vanderveld, Terri and Rudy Sundberg Family, Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman and Dicker LLP, Lake Geneva Lioness Club, Michael Glass, James and Marilynn Dyer, William and Jean Isaacson, Walter and Florence Strumpf, Walter and Narees Breach, Beth and Jody Rendall, Sylvester and Virginina Seick, James Fegen, AbbVie Inc. Employee Giving Campaign, Patricia Jankowski, Russo Drywall, Jack Mallory, Richard and Carol Hinners, Albert and Ellen Burnell, Mark and Judith Winemiller, Robert and Patricia Davis, Louise and Clifford Morris, Michael and Kathe Beach, Lee and Betty Hayles, Ellen Vander Beke, Bonita Breit, Sarah Stodola, Nancy Briggs, Robert and Shirley Lipinski, Laurie Holton, Michael Burke, Joanne Batzler, Donald Lightfield, Frank and Ann Huml, Carolyn May Essel, Lauren Grady, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring pantries, all of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes.

Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.


Friends of Ann Weber in honor of her retirement.


The following donations were given in memory of Donald Briere: Lorraine Briere, Thomas Graham, Bill and Rona Graham, Romayne Degen, Joanne Ross, Linda Kron, Herman and Kathleen Altman, Julia Graham, Michael and Kathryn Dustman, Greg and Jane Butcher, Joseph and Theresa Oller and Jamie and Jared Dexter. The following donations were given in memory of Harry Bublitz: Robert Nordhaus and Marcie Hollman, Carla Matz, John and Sally Dicmas, Phil and Barbara McMahon and Phillip and Jeannie Hall.

Furniture donations

Please contact Love, Inc. for all your furniture, clothing and household item donations. Call 262-763-2743 or 262-763-6226 to schedule pick-up.

W.C. Food Pantry needs help

The W.C. Food Pantry is in need of 1,000 sq. ft. + donated storage space in Lake Geneva, Elkhorn or Delavan. An overhead door is necessary. It can be heated or unheated. A loading dock would be a huge plus. The W.C. Food Pantry is working hard to provide good food along with other items such as pet food, toiletries and other desperately needed daily necessities. All this requires the space to store these items when donated in large quantities.

Please contact Jim Drescher at (262) 745-6018 if you can help the food pantry.

Please visit



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