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President should pay for vacation

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October 29, 2013 | 01:22 PM
The United States recently reached a temporary resolution on its national debt crisis.

We will revisit the same overwhelming problem again, in just a few short weeks.

Which means we can look forward to a New Year without the happy.

Consider this, then: $186,000. Time magazine reported that this is the cost to keep Air Force One aloft. For just one hour.

The president took a “vacation” recently to Hawaii.

This involved two round trips. Cost to the taxpayer?

$10 million.

Just a few weeks later the president took another “vacation” to Cape Cod, Mass., again using Air Force One.

Cost? Nearly $1 million.

When Queen Elizabeth visited the U.S. in 2007, she and Prince Phillip flew round-trip commercial on BOAC.

Suggestion: Mr. Obama can take his vacation anytime he likes and travel however he pleases, so long as he can pay for it.

The stress of being president led a former chief executive to use funds appropriated by Congress to build a retreat for the express purpose of providing a respite from the affairs of state.

He named it after his grandson, David.

This camp is located in western Maryland, just a short helicopter ride from the White House.

If this was good enough for President Eisenhower, it is most certainly good enough for this president.

Or any other, for that matter.

If the Queen and Prince Phillip can fly BOAC, Mr. Obama can surely find a more economical means of transport for his personal travels.

Unless, of course, he is wiling to pay the cost of using Air Force One out of his own pocket.

Since we live in a country that apparently has no idea how it is going to pay its bills, we desperately need to begin shifting our fiscal paradigm from profligacy to parsimony.

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