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Remembering out Civil War veterans

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May 20, 2014 | 02:37 PM
Over the past three years, I have written columns for the Lake Geneva Regional News just before Memorial Day in tribute to Lake Geneva’s veterans of the Civil War.

This column continues that tradition.

In previous columns I have written about Civil War veterans buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, whose graves are decorated with American flags, courtesy of Frank Kresen Post No. 24 of the American Legion and Lake Geneva’s troops of Boy Scouts prior to Memorial Day, and I listed the names of these Civil War veterans.

In this column I will list the names of Civil War veterans buried in the St. Francis de Sales Cemetery on Highway 50 east of Lake Geneva, in the Springfield Union Cemetery, and in Oak Hill Cemetery.

St. Francis de Sales Cemetery

Peter Griffin, 45th Illinois Company F

James Owens, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

P. McGivern, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry

Martin Cullen, 22nd Wisconsin Company B

Martin Cass, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry Company G

J. M. Power, 95th Illinois Company D

Michael Maher, 28th Wisconsin Company I

Charles Deignan, 13th Wisconsin Company I

Terry Grimes, 20th Wisconsin Company D

Michael Brennan, 20th Indiana Company F

Frank Boller, 9th Wisconsin Company F

Bernard McGuire, 148th Illinois Company C

Springfield Union Cemetery

James P. Aiden, 22nd Wisconsin

Charles M. Smith, 8th Wisconsin Company K

Henry Olp, 8th Wisconsin Company K

G.S. Holmes, 8th Wisconsin Company K

John W. Hubbard, 8th Wisconsin Company K

John Hicks, 49th Wisconsin Company K

John H. Squires, 4th Wisconsin Company F

James Lewis, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery

J. W. Beeman, (unit unknown)

C. G. Harms, 20th Wisconsin Company

(first name unknown) Dutcher, U.S. Navy

Since I wrote a previous column about Lake Geneva’s Civil War veterans, I have discovered that there are many more Civil War veterans buried in Oak Hill Cemetery than I had previously known. A partial list of Civil War veterans buried in Oak Hill Cemetery follows.

Oak Hill Cemetery

Anthony Hammond, 22nd Wisconsin

Harris Durkee, 9th Illinois Cavalry

Charles A. Noyes, 8th Wisconsin

S. P. Morgan, 49th Wisconsin Company K

O.D. Snow, 5th Wisconsin Light Artillery

George A. Catlin, 101st Pennsylvania

Captain Thomas H. Price, 1st Nebraska Company H

C.H. Burdick, 4th Wisconsin Calvary

James Giberso, 19th New York Company H

A.R. Burdick, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry

George W. Newberry, 5th Wisconsin

J. H. Gould, 6th Wisconsin Company H

Major Shelton Sturges, 14th Ohio

Charles Palmatier, 8th Wisconsin Company K

Daniel Gross, 9th Illinois Cavalry Company C

M.S. Gould, 21st Wisconsin Cavalry Company M

Peleg Burdick, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry

W. O. Logan, 126th Pennsylvania Company F

John Fay, 22nd Wisconsin

Frederick Eiffer, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry

August Fabian, 14th Wisconsin

Roswell Burt, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry Company F

Addis Kaye, 40th Wisconsin Company F

Dr. Clarkson Miller, Surgeon, 36th Wisconsin

Dr. H.W. Boyce, Assistant Surgeon, 11th Wisconsin

Frank M. Rockwell, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

Captain E.L. Baker, 3rd Minnesota Company E

William Schenck, 13th Wisconsin Company F

David B. Johnson, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

Albert Cudney, (unit unknown)

Henry B. Doty1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery Company A

Conrad Schleiger, 1st Wisconsin Company C.

Henry Delap49th Wisconsin Company K

William B. SturgesAdjutant, 5th Wisconsin

Lieutenant John A. Smith, 49th Wisconsin Company K

George Elmer, 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Ezra P. Gifford, 153rd Illinois

Lieutenant Henry Goodsell, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry Company G

Lieutenant A. T. Seymour, 28th Wisconsin Company I

William P. Nelson, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery

J. M. Wilson, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

Charles Shock, 81st Ohio Company E

John Cutteridge, 91st New York Company H

D.S. Allen, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

Harris R. Durkee, 16th New York Company H

Captain G. P. Carman, 51st Pennsylvania Company K

Merritt Huntress, 22nd Wisconsin Company C

H.S. Richards, 92nd New York Company E

Dr. B. O. Reynolds, Surgeon, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry

Isaac E. Thomas, 8th Illinois Cavalry Company B

Frank H. Herrick, 37th United States Infantry

One of the problems encountered in identifying the Civil War veterans buried in Lake Geneva’s Oak Hill cemetery is that many of the bronze G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) markers next to their graves have been stolen over the years.

Such is also the case in the Pioneer Cemetery. The G.A.R. was the American Legion of its day.

The James B. McPherson Post No. 27 of the Grand Army of the Republic was founded in Lake Geneva on April 18, 1882. It was named after James B. McPherson, the famed Union Army General killed in the Battle of Atlanta on July 22, 1864, almost 150 years ago.

McPherson was only 35 years old when he was killed.

As of Feb. 12, 1932, 67 years after the Civil War ended, there were only four Civil War veterans still alive in Lake Geneva: I.A. Ryan, Edwin Kayne, Daniel Boutelle, and Fred Foster.

To rectify the lamentable loss of G.A.R. Civil War bronze grave markers in the Pioneer and Oak Hill cemeteries that have been stolen, the Lake Geneva Historic Preservation Commission is replacing them with new aluminum G.A.R. grave markers.

On this coming Memorial Day it will be especially appropriate to remember the Lake Geneva soldiers who fought as members of the Union Army during the Civil War as all other veterans are remembered.

Patrick Quinn is a Lake Geneva native who is University Archivist Emeritus at Northwestern University.

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