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Election races shape up in four county districts

Primary elections necessary in districts 6 and 10

January 11, 2012 | 07:33 AM
ELKHORN — Election races are shaping up in four of the Walworth County Board's 11 districts, and primaries will be required in two.

In seven county districts, only one name will appear in the ballot, in six of those, the incumbents will be unchallenged.

In District 3, incumbent Russ Wardle decided not to run. Only one candidate, newcomer Tim Brellenthin, W5450 Kenosha Drive, Elkhorn, filed papers for that seat.

Primary election is Feb. 21. The general spring election for local officials is April 3.

Primaries will be required in districts 6 and 10.

District 6

Incumbent Kathy Ingersoll filed as a noncandidate. The four primary candidates are all newcomers.

They are:

James Boardman, 312 W. Fourth Ave., Elkhorn; Paul L. Fisher, 408 S. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn; Pat Clancy, 124 W. Market St., Elkhorn and Tim Schiefelbein, 217 N. Church St., Elkhorn.

District 10

Incumbent Randy Hawkins also filed noncandidacy. Three primary candidates are vying for that seat. They are:

Elizabeth Lyons, 323 Southeastern Court, Genoa City; Kenneth H. Monroe, W1500 Sunset Drive, Pell Lake; and Dave Nusberger, W873 Juneau Road, Genoa City.

Incumbent supervisors in districts 8 and 9 are being challenged.

No primaries are required in these districts.

District 8

Incumbent Supervisor Daniel G. Kilkenny, N3616 Elm Ridge Road, Delavan is challenged by John K. Finley, 127 S. Terrace St., Delavan.

District 9

Incumbent Supervisor Richard Brandl, N2084 County Line Road, Clinton, is challenged by George Joseph Spadoni Jr., 540 Oak St., Fontana.

In the remaining six county districts, the incumbents are running unopposed, they are:

District 1

Rick Stacey, N8750 Thiede Road, East Troy.

District 2

Joe Schaefer, 6070 N. Railroad St., Lyons.

District 4

Jerry A. Grant, 392 S. Buckingham Blvd., Whitewater.

District 5

Carl Redenius, W8411 Turtle Lake Road, Delavan.

District 7

David A. Weber, 2789 Theatre Road. Williams Bay.

District 11

Nancy Russell, 1720 Fairview Drive, Lake Geneva.

Also up for election is the District I Walworth County Circuit Judge's seat.

Incumbent Judge Robert Kennedy filed for noncandidacy. Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss is the only candidate who has filed for the seat, and will appear on the ballot unopposed.

County Clerk Kim Bushey said that after the election, an interim district attorney will be appointed by the governor to complete Koss' term, which is up in 2013.

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