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Kilkenny running for state senate

May 27, 2014 | 02:53 PM
ELKHORN — County Board Supervisor Daniel Kilkenny, D-Delavan, will run against Stephen Nass, R-Whitewater, in the state Senate District 11 race.

Kilkenny has served on the county board since 2006, and he also serves on the town board in Darien.

“I think the political atmosphere is pretty obviously toxic and partisan and separated,” Kilkenny said. “My background is on the county board of Walworth and the town board of Darien, which are nonpartisan positions ... We try to find solutions to problems. I think that’s the approach that’s necessary in Madison, and I think people are fatigued by the partisan fighting.”

Nass has served in the state assembly since 1990. The incumbent in the 11th state Senate District, Neal Kedzie, previously announced that he wouldn’t seek re-election.

Nass told the Regional News in an earlier interview that one of the attractions to the position is that the Senate has fewer members, so a single legislator can have a larger impact. Kilkenny announced his candidacy last week, and Nass announced his candidacy shortly after Kedzie announced he wouldn’t seek re-election.

“People who know my work on the county board had urged me to run,” Kilkenny said. “I think there is a huge middle ground in this state that doesn’t feel represented because of the sharp partisan divide and polarization.”

In 2010, Kilkenny ran as an independent for the state Assembly District 32. Rep. Tyler August, R-Lake Geneva, was ultimately elected in that race. Kilkenny said he decided to run as a Democrat this time because the party is more inclusive and is open to a “bigger tent” of ideas.

“We need to place principle over party,” Kilkenny said. “That still would be true even though I’m running as a Democrat.”

In an earlier interview, Nass said one of his prime goals is continuing to cut taxes. He also wants to continue to fight for the right to bear arms and the Democrat penchant for failing to say “no” to unnecessary spending.

On the gun issue, Nass and Kilkenny are seemingly not at odds. “I’m a believer of the Second Amendment...the right to bear arms is a right and I believe it is an individual right,” Kilkenny said.

Kilkenny said his record on the county and town boards show that he is careful when spending tax dollars.

At the last county finance committee meeting there was a discussion on budget guidance for the county administration. The budget guidance is the amount of a change in the tax levy that the committee finds acceptable.

“There was a motion for the guidance amount to be a 1 percent increase,” he said. “I voted against that. I thought it should be zero because I think we have the ability to meet that goal.” The state Senate District 11 includes most of Walworth County, parts of Waukesha, Jefferson and Rock counties and Wheatland in Kenosha County.

“After receiving his law degree from University of Wisconsin in 1982, Dan returned to Delavan to open his own small business,” according to a press release. “As a small business owner and lifelong community member, Dan understands what it takes to create jobs that bolster Wisconsin communities. Dan was married for thirty years to his wife Debbie, who passed away in 2010. He has an adult son, Nicholas.”


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