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Man faces charge for 'shrooms

December 20, 2011 | 04:59 PM
A 33-year-old Elgin, Ill., man faces felony charges after allegedly growing psilocin mushrooms inside a building he was renting in Geneva Township.

Ian B. Henning, who is incarcerated in Illinois, has been charged with manufacturing psilocin as a second and subsequent offense.

If convicted, he faces 19 years imprisonment and $50,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police were called to a building, which had rented units, for a report of a foul odor. The garage door was open to a unit that was rented by Henning, which police entered to attempt to find the source of the smell.

In the garage police couldn't locate the source of the odor, but believed it was coming from an enclosed office, which was locked. The building owner reported to police that Henning hadn't been seen for three weeks.

The officer decided to open the door to check to see if Henning's body was inside of the office. Although he didn't find Henning's body, he did find an elaborate psilocin mushroom growing operation.

Police then obtained a search warrant and found multiple items related to growing psilocin mushrooms.

Inside buckets located in the office, police found more than 405 grams of mushrooms. An additional 416 grams of mushrooms were found in a plastic bag.

Inside a refrigerator police found mason jars filled with a darkish yellow liquid, which is used to contain spores to grow mushrooms.

Police also located a marijuana pipe and Henning's Social Security card inside a dresser draw. Underneath a mattress, police found a loaded 9mm handgun.

At the Kane County Jail, police spoke with Henning who admitted to renting the unit and owning the items that were inside it.

Henning told police he was trying to set up a mail-order business called "B-HI," which would sell different mediums for growing mushrooms at home.

Police asked Henning if psilocin mushrooms could be grown, to which he responded that they could, but that wasn't part of the original business plan.

In 2004, in McHenry County Henning was found guilty of production of cannabis.


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