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Elkhorn man receives four years prison for assaulting girl

February 10, 2012 | 11:50 AM
ELKHORN — When police questioned an Elkhorn man about sexual assaults that occurred more than a decade ago, he admitted to it, but pointed his finger at the 7-year-old victim stating "she called the shots."

Those words haunted him in court Friday morning, when Judge John Race said those claims victimized the girl a second time.

On Friday morning, Race sentenced Ronald J. Vyskocil, 43, to four years in a state prison. He also will have to register as a sex offender. After the sentence Vyskocil was taken into custody.

When Vyskocil addressed the court, he said he doesn't blame the victim for what occurred and said he took responsibility for his actions.

"I'm deeply remorseful for what I have done and I assure you that there will never be another victim," he said.

Vyskocil, a married father of six, was portrayed as a someone who regularly attends church and is a hard worker. He also presented the judge with a stack of letters from family and friends who support him.

He also is a long-time resident of the area and graduated from Williams Bay High School. He has been married since 1996 and is three credits shy of a baachelor's degree.

Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube said everyone acts differently in their professional and home life and Vyskocil has mastered his "public face."

"This defendant is a master of this public face," Grube said. "You have a stack of letters saying he is a great guy. That is exactly what he wants you to think."

According to the criminal complaint, Vyskocil knew the girl and assaulted her multiple times at his apartment in Delavan and in a conference room at Central Printing in Delavan, where he worked.

Grube told the court that after the assault at Vyskocil's office, Vyskocil apparently went to his computer and worked. Vyskocil had a key to the office and assaulted the girl after business hours.

In a letter, which Grube read aloud to the court, the victim said Vyskocil stole her innocence and her childhood.

"I'm always on edge waiting for someone to attack," the victim wrote in a letter. "I feel like I live in a horror movie."

The pre-sentence investigation — a report generated by the Department of Corrections that recommends a sentence after examining the defendant's social, criminal and behavioral traits — recommended a nine-month jail sentence with two years of probation.

Grube asked that Vyskocil be sent to prison stating the case and the effects it had on the victim were too serious to consider a jail sentence.

"A nine-month jail sentence? Why even bother?" Grube said.

Vyskocil's defense attorney, James Martin, asked the state to consider the recommendation of the pre-sentence investigator. Martin said Vyskocil has no prior juvenile record and has no prior contact with law enforcement.

Grube said the PSI made its recommendation without receiving letters from the victim or her family. Martin said after the PSI writer received those letters she chose not to change her recommendation.

Vyskocil also was examined by Dr. David Thompson, a psychologist, who reported the defendant was a good candidate for probation.

Grube dismissed the psychologist report stating Vyskocil is a master of manipulation who was able to pick and choose what he told Thompson.

"It was garbage in and garbage out," Grube said.

Before sentencing Vyskocil, Race raised concerns that he originally pointed his finger at the girl.

"He admits the allegations and denies them," Race said. "He admits the allegation, but denies the responsibility."

Race said he couldn't consider probation in this case because the public needs to know how serious this Crime is and the long-lasting effects it has on victims.

"I can't repeat enough how grave I consider it and the public must know that this type of touching has long lasting effects," Race said.


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