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Man faces attempted murder charges

November 19, 2012 | 05:35 PM
A 40-year-old Whitewater man is accused of binding two children's feet, hands and mouth with duct tape and cutting their throats.

Larry M. Shannon, 310 S. Janesville St., faces two counts of attempted first degree intentional homicide and three felony counts of false imprisonment.

If convicted, Shannon faces up to 138 years imprisonment and $30,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

Victim No. 1, a juvenile girl, told police that Shannon choked her from behind on Oct. 29 until she fell unconscious. She said she woke up to the sound of Victim No. 2, another juvenile girl, yelling at Shannon.

Shannon then cut Victim No. 1's throat. Victim No. 1 then saw Shannon cut Victim No. 2's throat and arm.

Victim No. 1 ran to the bathroom where she was knocked to the ground by Shannon. Shannon then held her head in the toilet until she "fell asleep."

Victim No. 1 said she woke up as she was being dragged up a flight of stairs.

After being dragged up the stairs, Victim No. 1 was bound with duct tape and saw that Victim No. 2 was also bound with duct tape.

Victim No. 3, an adult female, said when she arrived at the residence she was choked by Shannon until she lost consciousness. She was dragged into a living room and tied to a chair.

Shannon told the adult victim that he would kill her using pills and alcohol and that they would both be going to Hell.

Shannon left the residence in a vehicle with Victim No. 1 and another juvenile. Police responded to the residence after receiving a rescue call of children with life-threatening injuries. When the officer arrived she saw Victim No. 2, was crying, screaming and covered in blood.

Victim No. 2 told police that Shannon planned on killing Victim No. 1, the other juvenile and himself.

The officer also observed a deep laceration on the girl's neck. The officer reported that Victim No. 2's cut was about four to five inches long, and the skin was separated about two inches, which exposed the fatty tissue.

Victim No. 1's surgeon told police that the cut was nine inches by three-quarters of an inch. The cut required 15 stitches to repair. Shannon was taken into custody after a chase with the Rock County Sheriff's Department.


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