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Man gets five years for child sex assault

October 01, 2013 | 03:30 PM
ELKHORN — The father of six children was sentenced to five years in prison after he had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the summer of 2012.

Ricky Cervantes, 29, Pell Lake, was also sentenced Sept. 26 to 10 years of extended supervision as part of plea agreement.

During the brief hearing, emotions ran high on both sides of the courtroom. Cervantes’ wife, who will be left raising six children without her husband, was sobbing as her husband apologized for having sex with a child.

On the other side of the courtroom, the victim’s mother shed tears as she talked about the case.

“I just want you to know you ruined my daughter’s life,” the victim’s mother told Cervantes during the hearing.

The mother said Cervantes took advantage of a young girl.

“It makes me sick,” the woman added. “I hope he realizes what he has done.”

The victim’s father simply told Cervantes that he wanted justice, and that Cervantes wouldn’t want an older man taking advantage of his children.

“I know he has sisters and daughters, and if someone had done that to his sister or daughter what would he want done?” the father asked. “The same thing I want — justice.”

Prior to the sentencing, Cervantes reached an agreement with prosecutors on the length of sentence. Cervantes agreed to a prison term even though a Presentence Investigation (PSI) recommended probation.

A PSI is a report written by the Department of Corrections (DOC) that reviews the Crime and recommends a sentence to the judge.

Before accepting the plea agreement, Judge David Reddy indicated he may not have followed the DOC’s recommendation for probation.

“I thought the recommendation by the presentence investigator was rather light,” Reddy said.

During his allocution, Cervantes apologized for his actions and admitted guilt.

“I was confused about my feelings for her,” Cervantes said. “I told myself that I didn’t know why it happened.”

He said he is ashamed of his actions.

“I was horrified about what I had done. I was horrified that I was sexually attracted to her,” Cervantes said. “I feel such crushing shame to admit it.”

However, Cervantes said he believes it is necessary for him to admit to his wrongdoing.

“If I don’t admit it I will hurt everyone again, even myself,” he said. “I have hurt many people. I have hurt her for the rest of her life.”

After Cervantes spoke, Reddy told him he also violated the girl’s trust.

“The reason why you committed these vicious crimes is because of your deviances,” he said.


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