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Man gets 10 years for sex assault

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January 22, 2014 | 09:36 AM
A 29-year-old man was sentenced Jan. 9 to 10 years in a state prison for having sexual contact with two different children.

Edil Manuel Ayala Nataren of Whitewater pleaded guilty March 8 to first-degree child sexual assault.

In exchange for pleading guilty, the Walworth County District Attorney's Office agreed to dismiss and read in two counts of repeated sexual assault of the same child.

In April, Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube told the Regional News he was going to ask for a 10-year prison sentence. Grube notified the defense of his sentencing recommendation before Ayala pleaded guilty. Ayala was also sentenced to five years of extended supervision. He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He also must notify the registry if he receives notice that he is being deported.

According to the criminal complaint, Ayala had sexual contact with two different children, both of whom were 12. Ayala was 28 at the time.


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