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Another heroin arrest

Zadurski (click for larger version)
February 25, 2014 | 05:03 PM
ELKHORN — A Burlington man was arrested Feb. 19 with 184 grams of suspected heroin outside an East Troy gas station.

Police also report recovering 127 grams of marijuana, more than 100 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and 54 prescription narcotic pills.

Several Walworth County law enforcement officials said that this is likely the largest heroin bust in the county in the last decade.

Phillip Zadurski, 42, is being held in the Walworth County jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

During a bail hearing on Feb. 20, District Attorney Daniel Necci said police were called to the gas station to check on a woman’s welfare.

Necci said police eventually searched Zadurski and found narcotics. In addition to the large amount of the drugs, police allegedly also found several smaller bags of heroin and cocaine.

They also allegedly found crack and heroin paraphernalia and $1,325.

During the court hearing, Necci said Zadurski has an extensive criminal history.

Online court records indicate Zadurski has a 2012 conviction in Milwaukee County for felony possession of marijuana, as a second or subsequent offense.

In 2008, in Walworth County, he was sentenced to prison for battery and disorderly conduct.

During the bail hearing, TJ Wendell, an intern working under the supervision of attorney Julia May, said that Zadurski has lived his entire life in southeastern Wisconsin and had no money to post bond.

Necci responded by saying the heroin had a “street value of just under $200,000.”

Zadurski is next due in court on Feb. 27 in front of Judge David Reddy.

After the hearing, Necci said he has “no reason to believe at this time” that Zadurski is connected to the heroin ring that was uncovered in the Lake Geneva and Delavan areas earlier this month.

In the past two weeks, police have arrested eight people in connection with an alleged heroin-distribution ring.

Heroin ring

In the previous arrests, police alleged that Jamaal T. Shellie, 33, Waukegan, Ill., was the ring leader of the heroin operation and that he enlisted other people to help him sell the drug.

According to the criminal complaints filed against Shellie and others:

On Jan. 14, a confidential informant was given $120 to purchase heroin from a drug dealer he knew as “Major.”

“Major” was later identified as Shellie through the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Administration records. On Jan. 14, the informant purchased 0.74 grams of heroin from Shellie in Lake Geneva.

On Jan. 15, the informant was given $240 to purchase heroin from Christina Lavender. Lavender, 28, Delavan, was also arrested last week. She has been formally charged with two felony counts of delivering heroin.

The informant told the drug unit that during the drug sale, Lavender was on the phone with Shellie. After the sale, the informant called Shellie, who said his girls were “good.”

On Jan. 16, the informant bought 2.17 grams of heroin from Shellie for $240 near Elkhorn High School. The informant bought $120 of heroin from Shellie on Jan. 21 and $120 of the drug on Jan. 28. Both transactions allegedly occurred in the city of Delavan. Lavender was charged in connection with this purchase as well. She allegedly drove Shellie to the deal.

On Feb. 4, the drug unit gave the informant $480 and the informant bought 4.22 grams of heroin from Shellie in Lake Geneva. Jacob L. Crews, 25, Lake Geneva allegedly drove Shellie to the deal.

Crews has been charged with one count of delivering heroin, as a party to a Crime.

On Feb. 7, the informant was given another $480 and bought 3.8 grams of heroin from Shellie at a hotel in Lake Geneva.

At the hotel, police arrested Crews, who was leaving the hotel room where Shellie was reportedly selling drugs. Crews told police that Shellie sells heroin “all day, all night, seven days a week,” at different hotels throughout the area.

In 2005, in Lake County, Ill., Shellie was convicted of manufacturing/delivering cocaine.

Trisha J. Mohr, 34, Delavan, was also charged with two counts of delivering heroin, as a party to a Crime.

On Jan. 21 and Jan. 28, Mohr allegedly drove Shellie to sell heroin to a confidential informant. On both dates, the informant allegedly bought $120 worth of heroin from Shellie who was allegedly driven to the deal by Mohr.

After Shellie was arrested on Feb. 7, police believe that Matthew Brown, 31, Waukegan, Ill., took over the heroin operation.

Brown has been charged with two counts of delivering heroin as a second or subsequent offense. On Feb. 11, an undercover officer with the Walworth County drug unit purchased $120 in heroin from Brown. On Feb. 12, the officer bought $420 worth of heroin from Brown.

Keller, Green

Between September and December 2013, a confidential informant purchased crack cocaine from Ashley J. Keller, 27, Lake Geneva, and Ernest F. Green, 29, Waukegan, Ill., on five different occasions, according to the criminal complaints.

On Sept. 24, during the first controlled buy, a confidential informant was given $100 to purchase the narcotics. After meeting with Keller and man known as “Frankie,” the informant gave police 0.81 grams of crack cocaine, which tested positive for the presence of cocaine.

The informant purchased crack cocaine from Keller and Green again on Sept. 30, Oct. 10, Oct. 16 and on Dec. 3, according to the criminal complaint.

On Feb. 12, an undercover police officer purchased $420 worth of heroin from Brown.

Keller reportedly drove Brown to the sale and Green was also a passenger in the vehicle. On Feb. 13, confidential informants told police that Green was Keller’s drug supplier.

During an interview with police, Keller admitted to selling crack cocaine with Green to a confidential informant. She also said Green supplied the crack cocaine and gave her money for selling the drug.

Both Keller and Green have been charged with five counts of delivering cocaine and one count of delivering heroin.

In connection to the heroin ring police also arrested Brian W. Zitzler, 33, Lake Geneva. Zitzler hasn’t been formally charged in Walworth County court, but he is being held in the Walworth County jail in lieu of a $2,500 cash bond.

During a bail hearing, District Attorney Daniel Necci said Zitzler allowed Mohr to use his car to sell drugs.

Zitzler was arrested at his place of employment and the drug unit referred charges of conspiracy to deliver heroin, delivering heroin and possession of a schedule III non-narcotic drug.

Online jail records indicate that all of the defendants remain in custody at the Walworth County jail.


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