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Man guilty of assaulting disabled girl

Sanchez-Nova (click for larger version)
April 29, 2014 | 01:01 PM
ELKHORN — A Walworth County jury found a 20-year-old Lake Geneva man guilty of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old developmentally disabled girl.

When Roberto O. Sanchez-Nova is sentenced on June 11, he faces up to 60 years imprisonment.

He is being held in the Walworth County jail without bond until his sentencing hearing. The jury trial lasted three days last week, and the jury deliberated for about three hours before finding Sanchez-Nova guilty of the charged Crime.

A presentence investigation — a report generated by the department of corrections that examines the Crime, the defendant’s history and recommends a sentence — was ordered in the case.  

Deputy District Attorney Joshua Grube, who prosecuted the case, said the victim’s testimony was critical in securing a guilty verdict.

“The most important and persuasive testimony came from the child, who was incredibly brave and strong,” Grube said.

Grube, who handles most of the county’s sexual assault cases, said it is always challenging questioning children on the stand.

He said the victim’s disability didn’t add to that challenge.

“(The challenge is) not any more than dealing with any young child who has to talk about very embarrassing and difficult things,” Grube said. “It is tremendously difficult for any child to talk about.”

These cases always take a toll on prosecutors, and Grube said when the victim has a disability it adds to that toll.

“All of these are very tough cases,” he said.

Sanchez-Nova was a friend of the victim’s sibling and had briefly stayed at her home in March 2013.

On April 10, the victim disclosed to her mother that Sanchez-Nova had assaulted her.

That night, after putting the victim to bed, the victim’s mother hid in her closet to see if Sanchez-Nova came into the girl’s room, according to the criminal complaint.

The girl’s mother saw Sanchez-Nova enter the girl’s room and lay on top of her.

She then flipped on the closet light and screamed at Sanchez-Nova, who ran out of the home.

On April 11, the girl spoke with Paula Hocking, a forensic interviewer, and she disclosed multiple assaults to her.


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