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Wrestling coach has sentenced reduced

August 05, 2014 | 11:10 AM
ELKHORN — Former Elkhorn wrestling coach Steven Springsteen-Hensel had his sentence reduced during a short hearing Aug. 1.

During the hearing, Judge David Reddy approved an agreement between Jon Grau and the district attorney’s office that lessened Springsteen-Hensel’s sentence to three years of imprisonment and seven years of extended probation.

Springsteen-Hensel’s original sentence came at a July 11 sentencing hearing for four years of initial confinement and six years of extended supervision. He has been in custody since that hearing.

Springsteen-Hensel, 33, was arrested in May 2012 after a 17-year-old boy told police text messages from Springsteen-Hensel made him feel uncomfortable.

According ot the criminal complaint, the 17-year-old boy went to the Delavan Police Department and spoke with Detective Joaquin Alonzo. The boy told Alonzo that he is a student at the Delavan Darien High School and he had attended the Southern Lakes Wrestling Center since June of 2011. The boy told police he believes Springsteen-Hensel owns the wrestling club.

The boy said Springsteen-Hensel sent him text messages — including “I love you” — which made him feel uncomfortable.

The boy told Alonzo that on May 7, 2012, he asked Springsteen-Hensel for a job at the wrestling center. During this conversation, Springsteen-Hensel offered to perform oral sex on the child.

On May 14, the boy gave his cell phone to Alonzo who text messaged Springsteen-Hensel. Springsteen-Hensel sent numerous text messages, which included “Maybe you are bi,” and “Maybe you should try it.”

Through the alleged victim’s phone, Alonzo set up a meeting with Springsteen-Hensel at the parking lot of Phoenix Middle School.

After police arrested Springsteen-Hensel, he admitted to sending the text messages and that he was planning to take the boy to the White River Trail to perform oral sex on him.

In 2012, Springsteen-Hensel was charged with child enticement and attempted sexual assault of a child by a person who works or volunteers with children.

He faced up to 28 years imprisonment and $105,000 in fines for those crimes.

Springsteen-Hensel pleaded guilty in February to child enticement, and the district attorney’s office agreed to drop the felony charge of attempting the sexual assault of a child.

At the hearing last week, Reddy asked if the victim had been notified about the possible change in sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Diane Donohoo said she had spoken with the victim and that he was OK with the change.

This sentence change comes after a motion from Springsteen-Hensel to change his guilty plea. His attorney said in the motion that Springsteen-Hensel wasn’t aware of part of the Crime the state would have to prove in a trial.

“The defendant affirmatively asserts that he did not know, and had not been told, either prior to, or at the time he entered his plea, that the state had to prove that his purpose was sexual arousal or sexual gratification,” the motion which was filed by defense attorney Jon Grau states. With the agreement to shorten Springsteen-Hensel’s confinement, Grau withdrew that motion.


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