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Records show history of abuse

Carrie Donahue (click for larger version)
Michael Donahue

August 19, 2014 | 03:16 PM
On October 25, 2012, Michael Donahue asked Judge John Race to send his ex-wife and her boyfriend to prison for abusing his son.

Donahue and his current wife, Carrie Donahue, face several felony and misdemeanor charges related to the alleged abuse of the same boy.

Michael Donahue married Karen Lake in July 2000 in Woodstock, Ill., and the couple had two children. In 2007, Lake filed for divorce. Since the divorce, both Michael Donahue and Lake have filed child abuse restraining orders against each other on behalf of their children.

Neither set of restraining orders were granted.

On Aug. 22, 2012, a Walworth County jury found Karen Lake and Christopher Walker guilty of child abuse. Both are appealing their convictions.

In November 2011, Walker, who's now 27, had picked up the boy from school and hit him while driving. As a result, the boy's eye was black, blue and puffy.

Later, Lake, who is now 39, urged the child not to testify against Walker and grabbed him by his hair and pulled him off a couch.

She told the child to "lie" about the incident, according to the criminal complaint.

After the incident, police observed a quarter-sized bald spot on the middle of the boy's head.

"Your honor, I come before the court asking for mercy," a tearful Lake said during her sentencing hearing, according to Regional News archives.

At that hearing, Race told Lake that she needed a strong wake-up call.

"She did choose her boyfriend over her child," Race said. "Her loyalties should be with her children, not Mr. Walker."

Both Walker and Lake were sentenced to three years of probation, which included conditional jail time.

After Lake's sentencing hearing, Michael Donahue filed an additional temporary restraining order against her on his son's behalf.

The order was temporarily granted but later lifted.

In a letter to the court, Michael Donahue wrote that Lake would repeatedly drive-by his home. He also claimed that she would follow him into Walmart and other stores.

He also claimed that on one occasion, Lake pulled up to his home and his son ran away from her. In the letter, Michael Donahue wrote that police and others searched for the boy for hours and an Amber Alert was issued.

Lake filed restraining orders against Michael Donahue in 2011, which was not granted. In that letter, she claimed, among other things, that Carrie Donahue hit Michael Donahue with a frying pan.

She also wrote that Michael hit their son with a belt and forced him to say, "Please sir may I have another."

In 2010, Michael Donahue filed a restraining order against Lake, which was not granted. In the letter he claimed, among other things, that Lake had driven drunk with the children in the car.

Lake was charged with third-offense drunken driving, with a child in the car, but that charge was dismissed.

He wrote that he was "disgusted by the lack of parenting."

"She puts my kids in danger on a daily basis," he wrote.


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