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RN tuning in future with online TV station

Halverson (click for larger version)
June 26, 2012 | 02:46 PM
When I was growing up we only had three TV channels to watch.

Now we have hundreds and sometimes there doesn't seem like there's anything to watch.

There's certainly no station for local events ­or is there?

Stop the presses. The Regional News just invented one. Well, OK, it didn't get invented that fast. Thomas Edison doesn't work here.

In fact, it's been a couple years in the making. We wanted to get it as right as we could before we launched it.

This is a web-based TV station called ReelLifeTV.net.

I can be immodest because I didn't have much to do with it except to say "go ahead." That also allowed me to have some "wow" moments as I finally gave the site the look it deserved. The graphics are great, the interactivity is cutting edge, the opportunities for growth abound.

To give the site some meat, we've been filming events in the area over the last two years and have a great stockpile. We've spent a lot of time gathering information about restaurants, lodging and events in the area hoping that it will be the most inclusive online resource in the county.

The project has been spearheaded by Phil Bonyata. Phil is a sales representative who we originally hired as a photographer, so he knows one end of the camera from the other. He and his brother run a music website, so he knows what the Internet is. And, because he's involved with advertising, he has a handle for what advertisers want and need.

His partner in this project is Jessica Franzene. She is editor of the Resorter, our entertainment section, and also our special project projects coordinator. She has the knack that few people have of being both creative and practical. She helped hammer a lot of concepts and gave them shape and purpose. She also did a lot of the work on the site and in our promotional material.

To help them out we purchased a great video camera and a separate computer to edit the video.

We've also shot a variety of commercials and plan to shoot many more. Phil will use his photography expertise and come to your place of business, set up the shoot and make a commercial to your liking.

As an entre, check out 4 Seasons in Motion. Go to ReelLifeTV.net. Hit the events button on your right and it's the second video listed. If you're familiar with Lake Geneva, you will see the seasons pass as you never have seen them before. If you're a visitor, well, this is who we are and the reason we're proud to live here.

This is part of our efforts to deliver information on a variety of platforms. The Regional News is still on solid ground - and printed on news print. But now there are other opportunities, too. Our website has consistently increased readership.

And there are more things to come on the new-media horizon.

Earlier this year I announced that Rob Ireland would be managing editor/new media. While he will still have a major role on the newspaper itself, he'll also help to build that bridge between today and tomorrow.

He's been working on our next project, an e-paper where people can subscribe to a complete Regional News that will be delivered on-line. More on that as we get closer.


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