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Village plans on repairing the Park House

The Park House in Fontana is often used by the Bridge Club, the Big Foot Recreation Department and is rented for birthday parties. The village is looking at repairing the building.

The Park House has been closed since a roof in the back of the building collapsed in August. (click for larger version)
December 28, 2011 | 07:59 AM
FONTANA — Between Little Foot Playground and Gordy's Boat House lies a small, aging building, which was often the spot for bridge games and birthday parties.

However, in August 2010, bridge players could no longer shuffle their cards at the Park House, which was shut down after the roof of the structure on the south end of the building collapsed.

A tarp was put on top of the hole in the roof and the Village Board had to decide what to do with Park House.

"The board thought about tearing the building down, but there was an outcry of support for saving it," Public Works Director Craig Workman said.

In the 2012 budget, there is a $10,000 line item for renovations to the building.

Some of the renovation work already has been completed.

One of the bathrooms has been converted into a mechanical room with a new water heater and a furnace.

The electrical service also has been increased to 200 amp.

Eventually, the room in which the roof collapsed will be removed.

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It previously housed the furnace, refrigerator and stove.

During a Dec. 21 Park Commission meeting, the group recommended replacing all of the carpet in the building.

Plans also call for moving the sinks and cabinets flat against a wall between the bathroom and utility room on the west end of the building.

The plans, which were designed by the Park Commission and Workman state this will "create more room for activities."

The plans also presented an optional addition to create "wing walls" on both ends of the sink.

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One of the wing walls will lead to the unisex bathroom, which will create additional privacy for anyone using it.

The other wing wall will block the view of the sink and food preparation area from the front door.

Workman said the village will probably clear out a lot of the stuff that has been left at the Park House over the years.

Old cabinets, which store some needed and some unnecessary items and decorations have been left there for years, he said.

There is another problem with the building ­—it isn't kind to the olfactory system.

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Workman said the smell may be coming from some of the old items that have been stored in the building for years.

He expects after the renovations the building won't have an odor.

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