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District changes way parents can complain

June 18, 2013 | 01:40 PM
WALWORTH — Walworth Elementary School is changing the way district residents can submit complaints to the school.

Currently, the policy, adopted in 1992, sets a time line for district response to each complaint.

The board's policy committee is revising the policy to allow more time for complaint investigation and response.

Since 1992 it's been revised twice, in 2007 and in February this year.

Policy committee members didn't specifically say why they decided to revise the policy after only four months.

At least 16 parents submitted complaints in February using the pre-February revision of the policy.

District Administrator Pam Knorr said she thought the policy should increase the time allowed for compliant investigation.

Both pre- and post-February revisions state the district has 30 days to respond to a compliant.

"I think it should be 45 days," Knorr said at the June 14 policy committee meeting.

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The rest of the committee agreed.

During the discussion, the committee also said if the administration or board can't meet the 45 day deadline, residents who complained should be notified regarding the status of the investigation.

The committee members Principal Pam Larson, Business Manager Kari Bourke, School Board President Kelly Freeman, School Board member Valerie Schmitz and School Board Clerk Mary Heyer, along with Knorr, will return to revising the policy in a future meeting.

It's possible the entire policy will be rewritten to allow the board more flexibility to deal with different types of complaints. After the committee is satisfied with its changes, the full board will read the policy and hold a vote on its approval.

Other revised policies

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The policy committee revised and finalized versions of four other policies on acceleration, background checks, hiring practices and student health care.

The acceleration policy outlines how students may advance in individual subjects or entire grade levels.

A background check policy has been in place since 1995 and was updated to detail when a check could be done on potential employees and new hires.

Recruiting and hiring practices doesn't currently exist in a policy and was suggested by the district's attorney after an incident in the fall when a substitute kitchen employee was hired without administrative approval.

Student health care is a Big Foot Area Schools Association policy and individualized at each district.

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These four policies will be read at the June 24 board meeting, and if the board agrees, will be approved at the July meeting.

The policy committee intends to meet again for a day-long session of policy revision in July or August.

The agenda for the June 14 meeting had 42 policies for review.

The committee discussed six policies.


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