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June 18, 2013 | 01:53 PM
WALWORTH — The Big Foot School Board had planned to have administrative and custodial staff furlough for 11 days in the 2013-14 school year.

The board agreed to rescind the unpaid leave days after Deb Way, administrative assistant, sent a letter to the board requesting that.

Way said at the June 17 school board meeting that the work doesn't decrease when hours are cut.

Board President Ed Hayden said the furlough days wouldn't help the budget.

"In looking at these, we're talking about $320, $580 and $696 (cut from the budget)," he said. "We'd have to have a lot of employees furloughed before it added up to a significant amount."

Board Vice President Bill Grunow said it's easy to overlook the cost of lost hours.

"It's easy to take the furlough days and roll them into the budget savings and not consider that the workload does not change," he said. "The point is that we're working less hours, but we have the same amount of work. I understand that. It makes sense."

Grunow said with the failure of the April referendum asking tax payers if the district could exceed state-set revenue limits, the board made some quick decisions when cutting the budget.

"That was something that was considered necessary," he said. "Now from what I understand, since we were able to make a (budget) adjustment with the insurance that possibility of rescinding the furlough days is where we're at."

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Rec Dept. faces busy summer

Recreation District Director Chuck Thiesenhusen said the department was looking forward to its busiest summer yet.

"All of our programs seem like they're filling in quite nicely," he said. "Previous programs have been at capacity, and we've had a number of kids sign up for the first week of day camp already and that's a number of weeks out."

In April, the department surveyed fitness center users on their experiences and happiness with the center.

Thiesenhusen said 70 percent of center users took the survey.

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The center has seen 1400 different people since it started an ID use program in 2011.

"On an average basis, our fitness center gets used between 14,000 and 15,000 times each year," he said. "We had about 820 users for 2012."

The fitness center gets used heavily, Thiesenhusen said, and most survey takers said they would pay $20 a month to use it. Currently, the only fee to use the center is a one-time $5 ID card fee.

"If you look at Anytime Fitness here in town, they're still struggling to get there first 100 users registered," he said. "Most people indicated they would like to see additional hours. We'll be adding later hours during the week and weekend hours this fall."


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