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July 01, 2013 | 03:22 PM
WALWORTH — After more than three months, a missing 15-year-old Walworth boy returned home June 26.

According to Rhonda Schwartz, police clerk, Daylan Turner returned home on his own.

"I can just tell you what I heard Chief (Chris Severt) say," she said. "He ran away on his own and returned on his own. There wasn't any foul play. He got tired of being gone, so he came home."

Daylan went missing March 16. He turned 15 while he was gone.

Daylan's mother, Tamra Elliott, wrote letters to Daylan while he was gone and posted them to her Facebook page.

The most recent letter is dated June 21.

"I miss my happy little guy," she wrote. "I miss those days more than you could imagine, and I revisit my memories of you every day ... I want you to know that whatever happens, whatever you need and whenever you need to call on me, I am still here for you."

Elliott wrote that she wasn't mad at Daylan, she just wanted him to return home.

"A mother's love never dies," she wrote. "I will never give up on you, son. I hope that somehow you are able to find a way to call home."

The Regional News contacted Elliott and she responded that she had no comment.


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