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Fontana looks at emergency services

July 01, 2013 | 03:32 PM
FONTANA — It's a repeat from 2009, but this time the village of Fontana is determined to find a solution to its emergency service needs.

Currently, the village is served by a volunteer rescue squad and a paid contract through Paratech Ambulance Service.

From 2007 to 2009, Fontana met with the village of Walworth to consider contracting joint services for both villages.

In the last meeting minutes, dated July 28, 2009, members of the committee were going to create an anonymous survey for emergency service volunteers in both communities.

The committee then had concerns about the types of accidents that occur in the two villages — water accidents in Fontana and farm accidents in Walworth — and the types of equipment needed.

Todd Watters, Walworth trustee on the committee, said to create a 50-50 split between the villages, one village had to pay the other depending on which got the most calls.

According to the minutes, Watters said calls over the previous three years should be averaged.

"The second piece is fair value of equipment that would be contributed to the cause," he said. "Value is considered a contribution to the partnership. Add up the economic impact of call differential and equipment plus whatever sinking fund cash there is. In order to form a 50-50 partnership, one entity has to come up with a one time payment."

Try again

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In May 2013, the village protection committee created a new ad hoc committee to discuss the same thing it did in 2009.

This committee created will also meet with Williams Bay to discuss mutual aid with Williams Bay.

The protection committee didn't meet in June, and it was set to discuss options for mutual aid Monday, July 1.

Other options for full coverage in Fontana besides mutual aid between Fontana, Walworth and Williams Bay are full-time contracts with Paratech or Metro, recruitment and training of additional rescue team members or creating a director of public safety position.

Currently, the village of Walworth has a full-time staffer on site during normal business hours through Metro.

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Fontana village trustees have expressed concern over an all-volunteer rescue team. Many of the volunteers work outside of the village and aren't available during many emergency calls.

According to the May meeting minutes, the option to create a directorship position was not discussed in order to give the newly created committee time to meet with other municipalities.

Contract options

Three contract options for Paratech service were offered in May at the Fontana protection committee meeting.

To cover the village with two emergency personnel for 12 hours a day would cost the village $129,887 a year. For 10 hours a day, the cost is $105,170.

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To fully cover the village 24/7, the cost is $352,853.

Currently, the village's contract with Paratech is billed on individual calls. Paratech is a backup to the volunteer rescue squad 24/7.

However, Paratech isn't always available to come to Fontana on calls. They have contracts with other municipalities in the area. Each time a call to Paratech is cancelled, the village pays $100 to Paratech, not to exceed $500 a month.


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