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PEARCE FARMS opened its new stand on Saturday, Aug. 3, and was already busy selling sweet corn and other vegetables. The stand creates additional room for produce and allows accessibility for all customers. Owners say the old stand will come down sometime this year. (click for larger version)
August 06, 2013 | 02:17 PM
TOWN OF WALWORTH — Sweet corn got an upgrade on Aug. 3 when the new Pearce Farm Stand opened.

Located at the intersection of Highway 67 and County Highway F, the family has sold handpicked produce there since 1967.

"We're having a good turnout of customers again this year," Bob Pearce said. "We're still in a transition phase with the new stand."

Pearce, a ninth generation farmer, is grandson to original farm owners Bob and Mary Ann Pearce.

"We're making good progress, but there is still work to do," Pearce said. "We just opened the new stand on Saturday. We started when we closed at 5:30 (Friday) night, and we didn't get done moving until 10 that night. It was a big move."

The recently-built stand replaces a smaller model and allows more accessibility for handicapped individuals.

The old, empty stand now sits next to the new one.

"It's still standing. Eventually, it'll come down," Pearce said. "I don't know if it'll come down in a week or two weeks or two months. It's up in the air yet."

Pearce said he and his family have been pulled in different directions over the summer.

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"It's a lot of what-if's," he said. "We're just getting pulled so many ways. We're trying to do our hay, we're trying to do our wheat and we're trying to keep the vegetable stand going. We're just all around busy."

The climbing hay bales will return soon, too.

"We're looking to add some more outdoor activities for the kids," Pearce said.

"We'll have the jumping bales and a corn maze. We're looking at some other possible activities as well."

Like last summer, the farm will host hay rides and helicopter rides.

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"We're still in that transition," Pearce said.

"We still have the builder (at the farm stand) doing a few touch up things. I say we'll be completed (with the stand) by Aug. 15."

After that, Pearce said all his attention will be turned to ensuring the haunted corn field is a success.


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