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Walworth school budgeting for roof repairs

August 27, 2013 | 02:51 PM
WALWORTH — The Walworth Elementary School budget is looking good for the 2013-14 school year.

Major repairs for the roof and interior floor tiling are in the budget.

School administrative assistant Karie Bourke said keeping the budget looking good depends on many factors.

"As of right now, I do have money in the budget for those repairs," Bourke said at the Aug. 26 board meeting. "It is dependent on what happens with other things if that money stays."

Board President Kelly Freeman suggested the school try to save money over the next few years to cover the costs of those projects.

"Based upon the final numbers that come in (on the budget), if there was $2,500 or so left, if we could put that into a separate account," Freeman said. "If it could go toward a roof replacement because I know that's coming down the line, it would help us a lot."

Freeman said that in the past, the district has used savings accounts and certificates of deposit to save money for technology improvements in the school.

"If we can start saving, year by year, which we have done previously, it'll help us," she said. "Even if we still have to go out for a loan, it's that much less that we have (to borrow). This is just an idea for us to think about."

Bourke said the final budget is dependent on state funding numbers and won't be ready until later this fall.

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DOT doesn't listen

Freeman said she's upset with a letter she received from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation earlier this month.

"I have an issue with ... the second paragraph, the last sentence," she said. "(The letter says) The information WisDOT gathered from that process along with previous public information meetings held from 2007 to 2012 helped solidify the selection of this alternative."

The DOT has plans finalized to reroute Highway 14 from its current one-way traffic flow around the village square and Heyer Park to two-way traffic closer to the school.

"To me, the way (the letter) is worded, it's as though we all agreed," Freeman said. "We were told from the beginning this was their final plan. No matter what we said it didn't make a difference. They didn't listen to what we had to say, nor the village, nor the task force, nor the chamber (of commerce)."

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Freeman suggested the board send a return letter to the DOT and continue to fight against the proposed plan for the highway.

"None of us said, 'This is a wonderful plan,'" she said. "We didn't lead with this idea at all."


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