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District Administrator violated policy

School releases parent complaints on kitchen worker hiring

September 03, 2013 | 02:11 PM
WALWORTH — Walworth Elementary District Administrator Pam Knorr violated school policy in communicating to parents the circumstances surrounding the controversial hiring of a kitchen employee, according to recently released school board records.

Kitchen Supervisor Laura Kelley was also suspended for one day without pay for hiring her son, Michael Kelley-Dellach, only months after he was released from a state mental health facility.

Last week, Walworth Elementary School Board President Kelly Freeman responded to an open-records request for the parent complaints submitted to the board regarding the hiring of Kelley-Dellach. Freeman also provided the school board's response to each of the parent complaints. To see the released documents, click here.

In February, 17 parents submitted complaints to the Walworth Elementary School Board, citing an issue with communication from school staff to parents and residents.

Parents wrote that a January newsletter was misleading when it said "background checks of all new teachers and our new kitchen worker were completed in September 2012."

Among the complaints, parents accused Knorr of violating four different district policies.

The school board found that Knorr violated only one policy. According to letters sent from the school board to the complainants, "both the Board of Education and outside counsel have reviewed the complaints."

In a response letter to 15 of those 17 parents, the board stated "Policy 190 was violated by the district administrator. Specifically, the review determined a violation of Section 1: 'Keep staff, citizens and students regularly and accurately informed through appropriate means of communication on planning, policies, programs and problems of the school system' occurred."

No disciplinary action was taken against Knorr for violating that policy. Instead the board directed "the district administrator to evaluate district procedures to ensure adherence to Policy 190 ... the district administrator will report to the board these procedures to ensure that violations will not occur in the future."

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