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October 01, 2013 | 03:21 PM
DELAVAN — Avery McCarthy would have turned 12 years old this Saturday.

This will be the first birthday her family and friends will celebrate without her. Avery died in a car crash last October.

To honor her memory, her mom, Bridget McCarthy, planned a concert at Delavan Christian School. Jon Troast and Riely Rae Mikrut will perform.

McCarthy said Troast attended Delavan Christian School, where Avery went to school.

The concert is part celebration and part fundraiser for AVERYday Ministries.

McCarthy started AVERYday Ministries to do all the things she said her daughter had wanted to do with her own life.

“I can’t imagine being at home that day,” McCarthy said. “I just felt we needed to do something with that day. I want everyone to remember her in a fun way.”

McCarthy said she wanted to hold a party because Avery never had a typical birthday party.

“We celebrated birthdays very one-on-one, mother and daughter,” she said. “(We spent) the day on a scavenger hunt of fun activities that included a lot of laughter and good times. And while these were incredibly fun, they weren’t the typical birthday party kids had.”

Revenue from the concert will fund AVERYday Ministries projects and funding mission trips.

Mikrut is a Lake Geneva singer who participated in theater with Avery.

“This is really special for us because Avery really looked up to Riely,” McCarthy said. Riely was always such an amazing example of kindness and compassion. She also displayed a wonderful model of what it means to live your faith out loud. I know Avery was very much influenced by Riely in a good way, that changed Avery’s heart and strengthened Avery’s faith.”

At the concert, McCarthy and AVERYday Ministries will launch a new campaign, The 19 Days.

“It’s a kindness and compassion challenge set for the 19 days between Avery’s birthday and her date of death,” McCarthy said.


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