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October 08, 2013 | 01:47 PM
FONTANA — Mary Green presented the final payment for the pirate ship in Reid Park to the village board Oct. 7.

Along with members of the Dan Green Touch a Life, Heal a Heart Foundation, Green gave the board a total of $4,499.67, part of which is to be earmarked for park repair or improvement.

Trustee Cindy Wilson said the foundation would continue a relationship with a village board, giving 30 percent of future revenue to the village.

Wilson said the total cost of the pirate ship was around $76,000, which included the kid-safe surfacing material on the ground surrounding the ship.

For the past six years, the village has hosted the Pig in the Park fundraiser event to pay off the park. Starting next year, the foundation will solely organize and run the event.

Police news

The board approved Police Chief Steve Olson’s request to create a new flex, full-time position on the department.

Olson said the department has the money budgeted for this position that current part-time officer Chris Brunning will fill.

Brunning will pick up hours from other officers, which will reduce overtime costs and part-time position hours, Olson said.

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The board also approved the department’s alignment with other departments in the county and state under a new SMART system. Olson said the system, Suburban Mutual Aid Response Team, allows departments to better communicate with one another if there is a need for more manpower.

The cost to join the system is a one-time fee of $100, Olson said.

After a court settlement, the police department received a 2004 Mazda as part of a forfeiture. The board approved the sale of the car.

Building and zoning

The board approved a job description for a part-time replacement to fill the zoning specialist position left open when Bridget McCarthy’s resigned in August.

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McCarthy left the position to spend more time on her nonprofit organization, AVERYday Ministries. The village will also eliminate services with the village of Sharon to reduce the hours needed for McCarthy’s replacement.

“Ron (Nyman, zoning administrator) is asking the board to approve a 90-day notice to the village of Sharon to end our intergovernmental agreement with them,” Village President Arvid “Pete” Petersen said. “They’re aware the notice is pending and recognize why we’re restructuring (that department).”

The board agreed to a job description for the position and to advertise for the job.

Mohr Road

After more than a year of work, Mohr Road Park, a 33-foot-wide park providing public access to the lake, looks like a park, Wilson said.

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“Efforts combined to make a very nice-looking Mohr Road (Park) right now,” she said. “The issue remains that the storm water runoff continues to plague us.”

The park includes a creek that runs into Geneva Lake, but the creek can’t hold enough water during a large storm, Wilson said.

“We had a lot of people looking at it,” she said. “It turns out that the landscapers the O’Hallerans use are extremely specialized in storm water management.”

The O’Hallerans own one of the properties that borders the park.

“They will obtain all the permits, plus they will make the design for that bit of creek that is on the village’s property to make it the best it can be to contain as much storm water as it can,” Wilson said.

The village board will review design plans before contracting with the company. Wilson said the O’Hallerans and other property owners will pay for the work of the creek project if the village covers the permit and design costs, about $2,000.


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