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November 25, 2013 | 12:12 PM
FONTANA — The question was simple. “How do you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?”

A Regional News reporter and videographer found out the answers from a 4-year-old kindergarten class at Fontana Elementary School.

The answers, from a group of 4-year-old kindergartners, were simple, too.

“You take it out of the freezer, and you put it in the oven,” was the typical answer.

While grown-ups may struggle with how long a frozen turkey needs to thaw per pound, this group of 4-year-olds didn’t even mention it.

The kids struggled when asked how long they leave the turkey in the oven.

“We leave it in over night,” one student said. “We put it in and then go to sleep, and we eat it the next day.”

“Ours cooks for about five minutes,” another said.

What temperature does a turkey cook?

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They really struggled with the idea of degree settings on an oven.

Thankfully, one kindergartner said his family cooks the turkey in the microwave. No need to worry about the temperature setting.

What else do kindergarteners eat on Thanksgiving?


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“Potatoes. Pie.”



Once watermelon was stuck in their heads, it wouldn’t stop cropping up in the discussion.

One student showed the Regional News team how he eats the watermelon with both hands.

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None of the students could say who was at the first Thanksgiving.

Pilgrims and Indians? Blank stares in response

But they had an idea about when the famed dinner was.

“Last year,” a few shouted together.

The group agreed that the first Thanksgiving was last year. It is probably the only one they remember.

Fontana kindergarten teacher Annelise Hanson said she talked to the kids about turkey recipes.

The students even had hand print turkeys to prove it.

Once in front of the camera, they forgot most of what they had talked to Hanson about.

To see Hanson’s kindergarten class talk turkeys and Thanksgiving, visit http://bit.ly/1h7lwgn.


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