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Big Foot students combine 209 Grimm tales in 1 play

December 10, 2013 | 02:34 PM
WALWORTH — Just one night before the curtain rose for the "Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" at Big Foot High School, student director Baily Schuldt was still nervous.

"Everything (with this play) has been going amazingly well," she said. "Last year, we didn't know (about sick cast members) until the second night, so I guess I shouldn't jinx anything."

In 2012, Schuldt became a last minute sub for Sherlock Holmes' sidekick John Watson in the school's fall play.

During a Dec. 5 interview, Schuldt said she didn't want that to happen again.

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"We started production in October," she said. "It's been months of work. We normally had rehearsals for about two hours every night after school. This last week we've been doing three hours or more. Today we're going until we feel comfortable because it's our last rehearsal."

The "Spectaculathon" is 209 Brothers Grimm tales combined into one play.

"I think this is my favorite play," Schuldt said. "I like it a lot. It's got a different sense of humor (than previous plays). It appeals to a broader sense of humor. More people will be able to appreciate this one."

Besides being student director of the play, Schuldt is cast as Gretel, from Hansel and Gretel fame, and "prince No. 3." "I just can't really get out of being (cast as a male character)," she said. "A lot of people are double cast. There's not really a lead (character) because there are so many different scenes. It was nice that we were able to give a lot of different people a lot of opportunities to be in the spotlight."

Schuldt said the play could be done with a cast ranging from as few as as six members and to 40.

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With all the scenes and characters, she couldn't pick a favorite part of the play.

"(The scenes) all just bring such a different energy to the whole production," Schuldt said. "It's hard to pick just one. Snow White is really funny. I like Cinderella a lot. I think those (scenes) will be big shockers."

The fairy tales may have familiar names, but they are not all sensitive stories about true love and happily ever after.

"The script is very fractured," Schuldt said. "There are a lot of unexpected changes from the originals. It brings a lot to the production. Even just within our group, the actors have made tweaks that have enhanced the scenes."

Beyond Big Foot productions

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Schuldt is in her last year of performance and production at Big Foot. After the Grimm "Spectaculathon," she'll be working with the school musical, "The Wizard of Oz," in the spring.

"I would still love to be involved (with production) in any way possible," Schuldt said. "I don't plan on going into it as a career. I know we have some seniors who are thinking about (continuing with) it."

Instead, Schuldt wants to study statistics and become an insurance actuary.

"I would just like to be involved with community theater as a hobby," she said. "I love going to see productions as well. I don't want it to leave my life. It is really sad that (these are) the last productions that I'll have (at Big Foot)."

Schuldt said Saturday night's final curtain call will be emotional for all the seniors in the production.

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"Us seniors are really going to miss it a lot," she said. "We're going to miss Ms. Z. I hope these people will be involved in the musical we have in the spring as well."

Margaret Mary Zirngibl, Big Foot English teacher, is staff director for the play.Find more photos from the play on the Regional News' Facebook page.


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