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March 25, 2014 | 02:51 PM
FONTANA — The death of one of her high school classmates started Fontana-native Dr. Kelly Turner on the path to study cancer.

For the last 10 years, she’s been studying people who have healed unexpectedly after cancer.

“I’m really interested in those who have survived against the odds,” Turner said.

Turner, who now lives in New York, said when she was in eighth grade at Fontana Elementary School, one of her friends had stomach cancer.

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“He battled it for two years,” she said.

Her friend died when they were sophomores at Big Foot High School.

After high school and college, Turner counseled cancer patients.

“Not only the patients, though, cancer is a disease that affects everyone,” she said.

During that time, Turner said she read a few stories about radical remission, where patients beat cancer in unexpected ways.

“It was surprising to find that no one was studying these cases,” Turner said. “I was skeptical when I found the first case. If it had really happened, why wasn’t this being studied? I was frustrated that I hadn’t heard of these cases before. It’s irresponsible to not study something because you don’t understand it.”

Turner started studying the cancer patients herself. She has spent 10 years studying more than 1,000 cases of people who have survived cancer using alternative methods.

“I’m not against Western medicine at all,” she said. “Some of these people stopped using Western methods (of treatment), others continued with the Western methods but also did different things.”

Her book, released March 18, features 36 of these cancer survival stories.

“Each chapter in the book has more stories than me talking,” Turner said. “I learn by hearing the true stories, and I wanted them in the book.”

Turner said one of the patients she studied, John, had advanced-stage prostate cancer and was preparing to die.

“He went into a bookstore looking for books about dying,” she said. “He found a book about beating cancer with nutrition and decided to try it.”

Turner said the man had nothing to lose by trying something different.

“It worked for him,” she said. “Everybody has a different change they need to make, such as stress levels or where they live. The diet change, along with other factors, worked for John.”

John’s story is shared in Turner’s book.

The nine themes

The patients Turner studied achieved cancer remission not by luck, Turner said, but by making radical life style changes.

“Doctors call this remission spontaneous,” she said. “Calling it that really discredits (the patient’s) hard work.”

Turner said the nine common themes that appeared in her study were unexpected. She said she expected more physical things to show up in the study.

“Seven of the nine themes are mental or emotional,” she said. “For instance, tapping into intuition as a check point.”

A person’s intuition, Turner said, often knows what step to take before the person does.

“Some of the research done on intuition is fascinating,” she said. “Our intuition is located in the oldest part of our brains, and it’s able to sense danger faster than we can perceive it ... your intuition can lead you down the right path.”

Because cancer is a dangerous situation, Turner said our intuition perceives that danger and reacts.

“One of the themes is to listen to our intuition. It often knows what is best,” she said.

The other themes range from diet changes to moving to emotional shifts.

In the book, Turner said cancer patients should “not trust their taste buds.”

Cancer “survivors I study return to the lifestyle of their great-grandparents, who ate homegrown vegetables and whole grains, rarely ate expensive delicacies like meat and sugar, and enjoyed significantly lower cancer rates,” she wrote in the book.

The radical change in diet, though, is not just adding vegetables. Turner suggests eliminating refined sugars, meat, dairy and refined foods from the diet.

Cancer cells, Turner writes, consume sugar. By reducing or eliminating refined sugars from the diet, the cancer cells will suffer.

“The connection between cancer cells and sugar was first discovered in the 1920s,” she wrote. “(Cancer cells) require lots of sugar in order to function.”

Radical reaction

“Everyone can use these nine common themes to be healthier,” Turner said. “They can help remove the cancer cells you already have in your body.”

Turner said there’s been an “amazing response” to her book.

“I’m really a nobody,” she said. “I had less than 100 Facebook fans. The reaction is just incredible. I’ve been blown away. People really want to know about this.”

The response to her book was helped by an appearance on the Dr. Oz show last week.

Turner said cancer effects everybody in some way.

“We had hoped people would be intrigued by it,” she said. “But everyone has a friend or a relative who has cancer. It touches all our lives.”

Prior to releasing the book, Turner was a cancer consultant working one-on-one with patients using the nine themes to help them battle cancer.

Now she’s taken a step back from that job after receiving too many requests for consulting.

“Right now I’m just focusing on the book and being a new mom,” Turner said. “I’ve been swamped with media inquiries for the radio, doing articles, interviews and guest blog posts. It’s been a little overwhelming.”


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