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Big Foot alumnus making music with 'jank' sound

May 13, 2014 | 03:01 PM

Scott Corbin, who was raised in Lake Geneva and attended Big Foot High School, wants to introduce the world to jank.

Corbin, 29, is half of the band Casely and the Jank. Casely is Jean-Carlos Casely.

Jank is guitar-driven music with a mellow, almost symphonic sound.

As for jank, that name came almost by accident.

Corbin said he and Casely were experimenting with musical styles. David Jeff, a bass player they were working with, played through one of their songs and then exclaimed: “That sounds jank!”

The group decided to go with it, he said.

Corbin is an experienced session guitarist.

Casely, of Miami, has an album, “I’ll Be,” to his credit and two charted singles, “Emotional” and “Neva Fall.”

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Casely and the Jank recently released its debut short album (called an EP, or extended play) “Brick: the Collection 2014,” Corbin said.

An example of Jank, “Hail Sparta,” is on YouTube. The piece sounds like movie theme music that wants to get up and dance.

In fact, it was the cinematic quality of the music that struck most listeners when samples of Corbin and Casely’s music was test marketed around the world, Corbin said in a recent telephone interview.

“I’ve gotten consistent feedback saying it’s very visual and cinematic in the sense that it tells a story,” Corbin said. “It’s almost like cinematic pop.”

He said he always admired the music of the groups Nirvana, Green Day and Oasis.

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“They all contributed something unique to music,” Corbin said. “We wanted to do the same.”

Corbin’s father, Jeff Bachemin, was a sales representative for Gibson Guitar Co. The complete family name is a mouthful that originated in France: Corbin de Bachemin, Corbin said. Some family members go by the full name, some by Bachemin. Scott said he decided to use Corbin.

Corbin was born in Seattle, where his father was the Pacific Northwest representative for Gibson.

Corbin said his family moved to the Chicago area when he was still a toddler.

Like many Chicago families, the Corbin de Bachemins discovered Lake Geneva, and then decided it was a good place to live. He said they moved to Lake Geneva when he was in fifth grade.

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That was about the time he fell in love with playing guitar.

Corbin said he attended Eastview School, and then went to Woods School for eighth grade. While in middle school, he and several friends formed a band called Cold Grapes that practiced in the bandmembers’ basements.

Shortly thereafter, his family made the move to Fontana, and Corbin found himself at Big Foot High School.

Corbin said it was while at Big Foot he learned a life lesson that stuck with him. As a freshman, he and his band were supposed to play in a talent show at the school. But the lead singer backed out at the last moment with a serious case of the nerves. The other band members also decided not to perform.

Corbin said he decided to go on stage and do an impromptu solo.

“I thought, ‘OK, I’m not going to quit,’ so I performed by myself,” Corbin said.

He said he played an 11-minute solo piece.

“I stopped, and there was dead silence. And then there was a standing ovation,” Corbin said.

That was a pivotal moment, said Corbin. He said he realized that he should never give up.

The family moved to Florida while he was still in high school, and he graduated from high school in the Orlando area in 2002.

Music was not his first choice when he went to University of Central Florida.

Corbin said he planned to earn a degree in economics.

But he would play his guitar in his dorm. His friends urged him to find some professional gigs.

By the time he was 19, Corbin was taking jobs playing guitar in recording sessions for Transcontinental Records.

“I got extremely fortunate,” he said. “I was able to fly to New York and Los Angeles for recording sessions, and I was able to network while I was still in school.”

Since then, Corbin said, he’s earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a minor in economics. He said he did not seriously consider a music degree, “maybe because music was so much fun, I didn’t think of it as school.”

Corbin met the Miami-based Casely, a musician with an established solo career. While working together on a live show at an Apple Store in Florida, they found they had similar interests in music.

Corbin said his father has since moved back to Chicago, and he has family and friends living in the Lake Geneva area and southern Wisconsin.

“I still go back and visit friends in Lake Geneva,” he said. “I still consider it my hometown. I’m proud to be from Lake Geneva and Wisconsin.”


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