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May 27, 2014 | 02:18 PM
WALWORTH — After being on medical leave since Oct. 7, Walworth Elementary School District Administrator Pam Knorr resigned on May 1.

Her resignation was announced at the May 19 school board meeting.

School Board Vice President Jacob Ries said in an interview May 27 that the board will begin a search for her replacement this fall.

“Pam Knorr did some wonderful things for the district,” he said.

“She was here for 20 years. We’re not taking the next step lightly (in finding a replacement).”

Ries said Knorr’s letter stated she would be unable to return to education because of health issues.

“It is with extreme sadness that I will be unable to continue to serve the families of Walworth Jt. District 1,” Knorr wrote.

“My health will prohibit any return to the education of your youth at any level.”

Ries said the resignation wasn’t expected, but the board was waiting for a decision from Knorr.

“With everything that had been going on, we weren’t sure where things were going to end up,” he said.

“We were really just looking for a resolution one way or another.”

In mid-December, a two-year contract for Knorr was approved by the school board.

“The board has spoken with the staff, and we are going to have Pam Larson and Brent Wilson stay on (in their roles as interim administrator and principal) for next year,” he said.

Ries said that he’s heard that Larson has been doing “a fine job filling in those shoes” as interim administrator.

Both Larson and Wilson are paid an additional $100 a day that they serve in the interim leadership roles.

Ries said the board is waiting to find a replacement.

School Board President Kelly Freeman said the process would take time.

“It’s going to be a challenge for us,” Freeman said. “We’ll use a consultant from (the Wisconsin School Board Association). We all have to learn this (process).”

Ries said he and the school board want parents to know that they aren’t taking the hiring of a new administrator lightly.

“We’re taking this very seriously in finding a replacement,” he said.

“We want everybody to understand that we want to do our due diligence the proper way and make sure the next administrator is someone who is high quality and we can count on to take our district to the next level.”


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