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June 10, 2014 | 04:30 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — “Agony” is a pretty strong word to associate with literature.

But selection of that name for Williams Bay High School’s Creative Writing Club’s literary magazine certainly didn’t hurt.

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JS Printing, a company that prints student publications, including “Agony,” chose the Williams Bay publication as a Deserving Design winner in November.

The company printed excerpts from the magazine in its annual “JS Printing’s Bright Ideas-Highlights” issue.

The selection was a surprise, and a delightful one, said Lynette Schultz, Williams Bay English teacher.

It’s the first award Williams Bay High School’s literary publication has won, ever, she said.

The four students who were directly involved in the creation of the magazine, are seniors Jessica Gagliardo and Ian Spolarich and juniors KC Dawis and Lucy Sponholz.

Lucy wasn’t available when the club members met recently with the Regional News.

The high school’s literary magazine was originally called “Labyrinth,” Schultz said.

Its origins date back many years.

When Schultz arrived at Williams Bay High School, the magazine hadn’t been published for several years.

Schultz restarted the creative writing club when she arrived at Williams Bay High School three years ago.

She also reanimated interest in a high school literary magazine.

Last school year, the club held a writing competition with the promise that the magazine would be named after the winning entry, Schultz said.

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The pieces were judged by three English and literature teachers that Schultz knows, but who have no connection to Williams Bay.

Prize money was donated by KC Dawis’ family, Schultz said.

The winning piece, by Grant Myers, who has since graduated, was titled “Agony.”

The short story is a science fiction, mythological, fantasy meditation on creation, evolution, entropy, decay and death.

In addition to Myers’ winning piece, the 60-page publication is filled with student-generated stories, artwork and photographs from 25 contributors.

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The challenge wasn’t in putting out a quality publication, but rather in keeping it under the $1,000 budget the club had to publish it.

In fact, the magazine printing cost was just under $1,000, Schultz said. KC earned her stripes typing up the handwritten submissions and making them ready for magazine publication, Schultz said

In addition to putting out the magazine, one of the club members was also entering her work in local writing contests.

In addition to that, KC entered the Walworth County Arts Council writing contest this school year and won first place in prose, Schultz said.

KC also entered the Whitewater Creative Writing Festival contest, and also won a prize there, as well.

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Ian intends to enter Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Penn., where he plans to major in architecture, but also plans a strong minor in creative writing.

“It’s something I want to continue to do,” he said.

He said he also has an interest in moviemaking.

He is currently shooting a documentary about gender, and peoples’ perceptions and misperceptions about it.

Jessica plans to attend the University of Wisconsin.

She hopes to break into script writing.

She has no preference of between television and movies, both media interest her, she said.

KC has another year of high school.

She said she’s still undecided about what she wants to major in, or what university she might attend.

But, she added, she does plan to continue writing.

The students said that they could rely on each other to get their work done for the magazine and club.

“We have motivated people who will get things done,” said Ian.

One other chore the writing club will have for next year, Schultz said. It will need to recruit some new members.


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