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Bay teacher resigns after Facebook post

July 22, 2014 | 03:21 PM
WILLIAMS BAY — Breann Vogt, a fifth-grade teacher at Williams Bay, resigned July 22, after venting her frustrations with students on Facebook.

Vogt posted in early June that she’d “like to go on a short but effective killing spree.”

After the district learned about the post, Vogt received a one-week paid suspension.

Since then, the board has deliberated on discipline actions.

At the June 9 school board meeting, several parents used the public comment period to question the school board on its inaction.

The board met to discuss the matter on July 1, but no decision was made.

Williams Bay District Administrator Wayne Anderson emailed the notice to parents and staff around noon, July 22.

Anderson said the school board approved her resignation on Tuesday morning.

“Her resignation was effective immediately,” he said in a phone interview. “I wrote her a factual letter of recommendation.”

Anderson said if Vogt continues to open enroll her children at Williams Bay, she will be allowed at the school. Vogt lives in Elkhorn.

“She’ll have all the rights of other parents at the school,” he said.

As of press time, Anderson was seeking legal advice on releasing Vogt’s resignation letter.

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Vogt wasn’t charged with any crime. A Williams Bay police officer said the threat wasn’t overt.

In an earlier interview, Anderson said the school board members would be made aware of an online petition in support of Vogt. He also said the board would hear any comments he received from parents and residents.

Many parents rallied around Vogt in support. The online petition had 171 signatures.

Anita O’Brien signed the online petition. In an earlier interview, O’Brien said she was motivated to sign when she heard that some parents thought children were in danger.

“Most of the parents trust her,” O’Brien said. “Both of my kids were in her class. Last year my son had her. She was very good with him.”

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O’Brien said she talked with Vogt frequently last year, but now she considers Vogt an acquaintance.

Vogt has not made any public comments about the incident, and the Regional News has been unable to contact her.


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