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Police still investigating three-car fatal

January 08, 2013 | 02:48 PM
LINN — Police Chief Mark Cates said over the phone Monday it "one of the worst accidents we've had here in a while."

On Dec. 10 at about 7:52 p.m., three cars collided on Linton Road, just east of Highway B and Academy Road. Cates said days later, one person died as a result of injuries that were sustained during the crash.

Two others, including a young child, were also hospitalized.

Nearly a month later, Cates said it still remains under investigation.

He discussed some details of the case, but said he still could not identify any of those involved.

"State Patrol was assisting us with that," he said. "We hadn't released anything because they're still working on it. With the holidays and stuff, I'm sure that slowed it down."

Cates said they're still waiting on completion of the accident reconstruction, as well as the results of a blood draw from all four people involved in the crash.

One of them was not injured, he said, and all were not from the town of Linn. The three vehicles were cars, Cates said.

But the accident site itself left authorities with a lot to sift through.

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"Because of the amount of debris — and with the third vehicle, there were some extra skid marks — it was quite difficult to pick apart," Cates said. "That's probably why it's taking some time. There was a lot of debris, vehicle fluids, skid marks, gouges in the road. There was just a lot of stuff to work (on) out there."

Initial press release

According to a Dec. 11 press release from Linn police, a westbound vehicle struck an eastbound vehicle on Linton Road. Shortly thereafter, a third vehicle hit one of the other vehicles. Two people were taken to Froedtert Memorial Hospital, Wauwatosa, by Flight For Life. The child was taken to Mercy Walworth Medical Center, at the corner of Highways 50 and 67, by ambulance.

On Monday, Cates said one of the people taken to Froedtert was the mother of the child. The other person died later.

An attempt to find out exactly when the person died was unsuccessful by press time.

Cates said the injuries were serious, and "every time something like this happens, you always hope for the best."


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