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Allis doesn't live here anymore

Linn supervisor moves out of town, is required to resign


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June 11, 2013 | 02:36 PM
LINN — The north shore's only representative on the town board has resigned.

On Monday, the board accepted the resignation of Jeanne Allis, who now lives in Fontana. The board also approved a motion to advertise the open position.

Allis sent an email to the board members and other town officials May 17.

"It is with great sadness I am announcing my request to resign from the town of Linn board as I unfortunately will no longer be a Linn resident and meet residency requirements to be on the board," Allis said. "My family and I, however, are not moving far, as we will be residents of Fontana."

Allis was first elected town supervisor in 2008, successfully challenging Christine Jones. She was re-elected in an uncontested race in 2010, then won her bid for re-election in 2012 against Allan Polyock.

Previously, she had been vocal about the north shore's desire to improve response times from emergency personnel.

Geneva Lake separates the north shore region from the south shore, which is where emergency personnel are stationed.

In September 2012, Allis said there was confusion over whether the north shore region was covered.

"This was the issue that prompted me to run," she said.

In her May 17 email, Allis mentioned the issue again, as well as others.

"I will continue to keep an interest in the things that we supported together over the years, (such as) better coverage of services for all of Linn residents while supporting more open space to keep (the town) the friendly and green community that has made us a unique and close-knit community."

Allis thanked her fellow board members and said it was her pleasure to work with them.

"You represent town of Linn's strongest asset," she said. "You are an extraordinary group of people and my life has been enriched by knowing you."

On Tuesday, Linn Town Chairman Jim Weiss discussed a few things he will miss about working with Allis.

"She had a very strong focus, a dedication to the board, as well as a great sense of humor," he said.

Weiss said Allis had strong ties to the north shore region. She was dedicated to the town of Linn Nature Park at the corner of Maple Ridge Road and South Lake Shore Drive, he said. Weiss also credited Allis for being instrumental in securing grants to improve the park.

Allis was chairperson of the Harbor Commission and Public Parks Committee in Linn. She also was co-chair of the town's Plan Commission.

What's next?

Weiss said the advertisement will be published next week.

"A few have expressed interest already, but we have a standard form that people have to complete," he said.

Those who are interested can obtain the form from the town clerk-treasurer's office.

Weiss said the board will need to review forms and conduct applications.

Considering regular meeting schedules and the Fourth of July holiday, he said, a replacement may be appointed as early as August.


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