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August 12, 2014 | 11:52 AM
GENEVA — According to some people, steps need to be taken to fight the erosion of the Lake Como shoreline along North Lake Shore Drive, near Kale Road.

As the Lake Como Beach Property Owners Association prepares to launch a shoreline restoration project in the area, it appears that the town will kick in some money toward that effort, if it moves forward.

“If you drive down the road, you’ll see that the shore line is getting very close to the road,” Cass Kordecki, co-manager of the association’s restoration project, said in an Aug. 7 phone interview.

The town board honored the request to share the bill. On Aug. 4, it voted 5-0 to pay no more than $3,500 toward the project. Earlier this summer, the association approved spending at least $10,000 on the project, Kordecki said.

“In the case of the Kale Road area restoration project, the lake shore is threatened, and so are the sewer line and the road, should erosion continue in that area,” said town chairman Joe Kopecky in an Aug. 5 email.

The association, which privately owns at least two miles of northern shore land on Lake Como, including the area near Kale Road, will also ask the Lake Como Sanitary District for financial assistance.

On the phone Aug. 7, sanitary district manager Neal Kolb said a sewer main under North Lake Shore Drive is about 30 feet from the current shoreline.

“I don’t think it’s something that, tomorrow, we’re going to see the shore washed out,” said Kolb. “But, at the same time, I definitely think an issue is pending there.”

A concern could arise if the sewer main becomes exposed.

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“It would be susceptible to damage,” Kolb said. “We wouldn’t want that situation to arise, to have an exposed pipe like that, especially that close to the waterway.”

He said the association has not officially asked the district to pay toward the project yet.

At a June 18 district board meeting, Supervisor Gene Decker said the association will be asking for that soon.

Decker isn’t just the town board’s liaison to the district.

He’s also on the association board of directors and he’s the other co-manager of the restoration project.

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Decker did not respond to requests for an interview last week. Neither did other town of Geneva supervisors.

However, Decker provided an email thread beginning Aug. 5 between himself and Kordecki.

The two discussed who would speak to a Regional News reporter about the project, and what to discuss in the interview.

On Aug. 7, Decker stated a concern to Kordecki that the board’s action would prompt questions about why the town is spending tax money on the north shore “and nada for us south side big taxpayers.”

He also said the same could be said by Geneva National, “so emphasize — do something or lose the road! And town money will come from Funfest donations set aside for the lake.”

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In an Aug. 7 phone interview, Kordecki commended Decker for saying those things “because he’s thinking about everybody’s best interest.”

Project details

Kordecki stressed that the association does not have permits yet from the county and the state Department of Natural Resources.

Those permits would be required before the project could begin, she said. Despite the Aug. 4 town board agenda stating that the project will be 300 feet west of Kale Road, Kordecki said she plans to apply for a permit that will cover no more than 200 feet.

Applying for permits to cover an area larger than 200 feet would drive the project cost higher, she said.

According to Kordecki, the shoreline erosion problems in the area of Kale Road include:

• Invasive vegetation that was too dense to allow for native vegetation to grow and create strong ground cover.

• The shoreline is too steep.

• There is a spring north of North Lake Shore Drive, which also is washing out the soil from the other side of the road.

If it moves forward, the association’s restoration project would involve removing and replanting the native vegetation, grading work and installing some type of “hard armoring” on the shore — riprap or rock, Kordecki said.


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