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July 16, 2013 | 01:18 PM
LAKE GENEVA — Last week, a film crew from the NBC Nightly News program toured the lake with the mailboat jumpers.

Harold Friestad, vice president and general manager of the Lake Geneva Cruise Line, said the segment on the news program will help spur more interest for the cruise line and the Geneva Lake area.

"It's just part of the publicity we try to get for the mailboat," he said. "The mailboat is so unique. When people hear about it, they realize it's something they want to see."

Every summer, the Walworth, a member of the cruise line, delivers mail to residents living on the lake. Mailboat jumpers jump from the boat to the dock, deposit the mail and jump back to the boat.

It doesn't sound too risky, except the boat doesn't stop moving.

Many of the jumpers are college students home for the summer.

The Lake Geneva Cruise Line posted on its Facebook page that the tour was scheduled to air Tuesday, July 16.

Another cruise line boat will be featured on Discover Wisconsin next year. See a story in a future edition of the Regional News.

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