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Comments show variance in parking perceptions

September 03, 2013 | 02:28 PM
If the comments on a series of parking surveys taken earlier this year are any indication, it’s a sure bet someone is going to be unhappy no matter what the city decides to do about downtown parking.

As part of its parking study, the Lake Geneva Parking Commission issued parking surveys, both in paper and online, in three flavors, downtown business operators, downtown employees and general users.

The surveys allowed participants to make additional comments about parking.

Rich & Associates, the consultants doing the city’s parking study, included the comments in its preliminary report.

Here are a few, selected, categorized and edited in a very unscientific manner.

We need a parking structure
  • “(T)he city should build an attractive parking lot behind the power & light (museum) building … (S)pend the money on the parking and stop spending money on skate parks, dog parks and things that do not bring tax money into the community.”

  • “I am definitely in favor of the parking structure … The property behind the old theater is the absolute perfect place for this structure.”

  • “Parking structure would greatly reduce the stress in finding parking for all parties concerned.”

  • “Parking garage would be wonderful.”

  • “… What about an underground parking garage?
No we don’t

  • “A parking structure would look ugly.”

  • “No to a structure. Yes to a weekend/holiday shuttle lot … Shuttles are free.”

  • “Strongly disagree to a parking ramp, it will not be used. It will be a waste of taxpayers’ money and will require maintenance … Women will avoid it for safety reasons.”

  • “A parking ramp is a stupid idea.”

We don’t like to pay
  • “Parking in LG is a nightmare … I hate it that we charge our consumers to park. Should be free.”

  • “There should be one free parking lot for downtown employees only.”

  • “City residents need to be given free parking all day! The tourists should pay …”

  • “I will always use free parking. I will walk any distance to use free parking. I will not pay for parking. Ever.”

  • “It’s too expensive. Charge the IL. people more …”

  • “BRING BACK THE SENIOR PARKING PASSES.” (All caps in the original.)
We don’t like how we pay
  • “Pay stations are difficult to understand and overcharge.”

  • “The stations are not user friendly, especially for the senior citizens.”

  • “I love technology and do not fear change, however, the pay stations are a pain.”
We got a problem
  • “Parking downtown LG is ridiculous!! No where to park and the traffic lights are so slow!”

  • “Out of town visitors have a hard time.”

  • “We need to do something else, because what we have is not working.”

  • “Parking sucks in the summer.”

  • “Parking is a nightmare.”
Problem, what problem?
  • “It is better if people walk. Parking close is for lazy folks.”


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