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Contractors finish up public improvements


November 05, 2013 | 02:43 PM
Even as the city steps back and away from the hectic 2013 summer season, contractors are using the mild fall weather to complete four public works projects in the city.

Tunnel work

Work is set to begin on the tunnel under Main Street, near the east end of Donian Park. A sheathe will be installed inside the tunnel, which allows the White River to flow under Main and Wells streets.

Work began in May 2010 when a sink hole was found and patched.

That led to other problems being discovered in the culvert, which had originally been installed more than 50 years ago. Since then, the city has hired engineers to survey the inside of the tunnel and to recommend methods to renovate it.

The city has settled on installing a liner in the culvert that will reinforce the culvert. The process is less expensive and will be less disruptive to traffic than rebuilding the underground structure.

The project is scheduled to start in several days and continue for three weeks, said Dan Winkler, public works director. Winkler estimated the project costs at $220,000.

Deep work

Inland Dredge Co., Burlington, is completing dredging in the Lake Geneva lagoon, near the Riviera.

Sand, dead lake weed and other detritus accumulates in the shallow areas near the city piers, and the area must be dredged every 10 to 15 years, Winkler said.

The lagoon is the finger of the lake that extends to the dam at Flat Iron Park.

Winkler said the dredging is being done along the outlet of the lagoon to the lake along the Wrigley Street bridge.

The project cost is about $50,000, Winkler said, and the work was about 80 percent done as of Monday.

Wall work

The Riviera is a Lake Geneva landmark dating back to the Great Depression. The grand lady stands proudly, but now and again she needs a little touch up.

Humphreys Contracting Inc., Lake Geneva, is repairing the cracking and spalling on the concrete “seawall” that protects the Riviera’s foundation.

The work is complicated because the repair work is being done to parts of the Riviera that are normally underwater.

The work included installation of a temporary dam to lower the water levels around the Riviera, Winkler said.

Work on the west wall is completed and work on the east side of the Riviera is scheduled to begin later this week.

The cost of the project is about $70,000, Winkler said.

Park work

Gilbank Construction, Clinton, is finishing work on the concession building at Dunn Field.

Work on the $298,600 building was approved by the city council in June. Work started in August. Funding came through the city’s Tax Increment Finance district fund.

Winkler said work is about 95 percent complete and a walk-through of the building is scheduled for Friday.

The high cost of the building made it controversial, but the city council approved the work on a 7-1 vote. Alderman Jeff Wall cast the only vote against it, saying he couldn’t see spending nearly $300,000 for restrooms and a concession stand.

The building will have a metal seam roof, which lasts longer than conventional roofs and will be heated.

It’s located near the skate park, the planned location of the disc golf course and the proposed location of a dog park.

The new building is on the site of the old concession stand which was built in the early 1990s, when baseball was still being played at Dunn Field.

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