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City wants residents to keep water running

February 27, 2014 | 08:47 AM
Dan Winkler, Lake Geneva's director of public works, is asking residents to keep their water running to prevent underground line freezes. The below information was posted onto the city's website.

"This winter has become the coldest in the past 24 years. The frost layer under our streets, where water lines are buried, is approaching 6 feet in depth. In the short term, we expect frozen ground to continue to drive down deeper for the next several weeks.

"Water lines in Lake Geneva's water system have become a high risk for freeze up and damage. This includes both the water utility service line from the water main to your shut-off valve and your private water service line beneath your yard into your home.

"To help prevent the possibility of a frozen water service line, our customers are hereby requested to turn on and let run a cold water faucet in your home to keep the service line from freezing. The stream of water should be a minimum of 1/16 inches (about the thickness of a pencil lead) and a maximum of 1/8 inches (distance between tines at the end of a dinner fork).

If you do not comply with this request and your service line freezes, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs to the lateral line, including excavation, street restoration, lawn restoration, thawing of ice from the water service line, parts and labor, and any other expenses incurred by the Water Utility. And such costs can run into the thousands of dollars.

Regarding your water utility first quarter water/sewer bill, it can be adjusted for the above average quarterly consumption resulting from running a small stream of water, at your request, after March 31, 2014. Hopefully, your cooperation will prevent the disruption of service and expensive repair costs associated with the freezing of water lateral line to your property."


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